Friday, November 16, 2012

Where to get cheap & yummy chocolates in Malaysia


If you were wondering where to get quality chocs but at a cheap price, you probably won't guess it's this shop I'm about to mention.



YES! you did not see wrongly! Yes yes. I know that shop is high class and you probably won't think the chocs are cheap but here's a lil secret.

Check out the chocs section and look at the ones with the reduce to clear labels.

The expiry date isn't even near...it's like a year later.

If you were wondering why they are selling the chocs cheap, it's because they are Halloween chocs. 

And only a month, ok not even a month, but Halloween is over. So, they are selling it real cheap! Like 50% off.

Here's a look at some of the chocs I bought:

ok....this isn't a reduce to clear choc but I think it;s only RM11.90 which is like really cheap for white choc bar which has like traces of vanilla beans in it. super yummy!

This was supposedly RM19.90 but it is now only RM10. Cheap rite? And super delicious! Like seriously! wanna take a  closer look at the eyeball? Look below!

Here's a closer view of the eyeball. Interesting and yummy! I LOVE CHOCS SO MUCH!!!!

Interesting choc lollies rite? Guess how much? Only RM5 for 4 lollies in a pack!
Plus, they are super good quality choc!

This side view pic is to proof that there are indeed 4 lollies in a pack!

Chocs at Marks & Spencer are always super good!

Now, better with this awesome deal!

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