Wednesday, September 26, 2012

cake decorating magazine

So excited and happy that this mag is finally here in Malaysia! Yes! You heard it right. This mag can be bought in Malaysia.

If you haven't already bought this, what are you waiting for? Issue one is at a very special price of RM4.90 the usual price is actually RM14.90! So, head over to popular bookstore! I bought mine from Gurney Plaza. It wasn't at the magazine corner. It was at the baking and cooking book section. So, if you're looking for it at the gurney branch, head over to the baking section!

Oh, and did u know that after you buy issue one, there would be a subscription form where you can subscribe to the mag with extra benefits!

Free delivery to your doorstep
Never miss an issue
Free extra 4 items
Free one issue.

So worth it right?

I've subscribed!

You wouldn't wanna miss out on this awesome and beneficial offer!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

won the sms contest by cleo

Last month, I entered this sms contest in cleo mag. Didnt think I will win but I did. So happy! These are what I won. 7 items from bio essence.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Won a giveaway by Kiwiberry1 hosted by Isabel!

So extremely excited when I received this email on the 6th of September! :

"Hey Jojo,

Congrats on winning my giveaway! Kindly refer here for details I need and get back to me alright?


Was waiting for this for SO LONG! 

Finally, on the 25th of September, I received yet another email but from kiwiberry1: 

Congrats on winning the giveaway with   “daisydeariesx“ 

Your prizes have already been shipped out to you, expect it very soon.


Jojo Seah

Here is your prize:

- 1 pair of Lens diameter size: 14 mm, Color preference: Blue 
- 1 box lashes (chosen by our staff)
- 50% discount code"

Will blog about the prize once I actually receive it! YAY! So happy!!!

Btw, in case you were wondering which isabel, check out her blog, sugarcoatedmuffin.blogspot.com
I actually really like her blog. Love her reviews to be exact! Her reviews are usually very informative and full of really clear pics! So, do check it out!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A No Pic Post: AHMO restaurant Penang

I didn't take any pics at all. Which is why I'm writing this post as a no pic post. Anyways, ambiance is really nice. Surrounding and environment and absolutely everything from service, to furniture are absolute wonderful.

So, anyways, food is cheap! Like really, really cheap! One thing for sure is their drinks suck! I had ice peach tea which is bloody hell expensive, RM5.90 for a lame small glass tea which is almost tasteless. I seriously thought something was off when I walked in the restaurant and there was no customers. I mean, when you look at everything else other than the drinks, it's worth it. Back to the ickiness and expensiveness of the drinks, my bro & sis both ordered milkshakes. Presentation was ok. They even gave 3 marshmallows on a stick. It was priced at RM9.90. You would think that the milkshake is nice. But, NO! My bro said that it wasn't even milkshake. It was ice blended which was tasteless. So, there you go. RM19.80 down the drain.

In terms of variety in the menu, well, I would say there's ALOT of choice.

Food: I ordered chicken cordon bleu, it was spelled GORDON on the menu. Priced at RM12.90. Portion was small. It came with lots of vege, mash potato, oh and sauce on the chicken but it wasn't that nice. You know the feeling when you eat too much of something, then you just force yourself with the rest. I had that feeling even after only a few mouths. Hard to digest. Mash potato was very very plain. No taste except the taste of potato, rather plain.

Bro ordered lasagna. He said it was awesome! Price: RM12.90. I didn't taste it so I wouldn't know but he said it tasted like the lasagna our older sis used to make for us before she left for uni. If what he said is true, then the lasagna must REALLY REALLY be GOOD! Coz my sister's lasagna is the best lasagna I ever tasted.

Sis ordered chicken chop. It doesn't look appetizing with corns on top. I HATE CORNS! The side dish was similar to my chicken cordon bleu. I didn't taste this as well so I can't judge. I only judged based on my dislike for corns.

Total came up to RM60.40.

No addtional charge like service charge or government tax. AWESOME!

This place is located a few houses away from Harvest In. BTW, in terms of price, Harvest In is still cheaper.

Address: No. 2, irrawaddy road, 10500 penang

Business Hours:
Mon-Fri     8-3, 6-10
Sat             11-3, 6-10
Sun (Closed)

Contact info

The info above is copy and pasted from their facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/ahmopenang/info

Monday, September 17, 2012

Successful Polymer Clay Product!

Remember my previous post about polymer clay? I said I would post up some pics if they were successful? Well, here are some that are quite successful! I'm happy with the product nonetheless.

My first batch of polymer clay! 
List of products:
bowl of noodles
chocolate bar
cake (whole & slice)
choc chip cookie
french fries
rose ( i know it looks weird....)
some pink cookie

My 2nd batch!
 List of Products:
Bread (inspired by my tshirt)
Jam (inspired by my tshirt)
Cabbage (made it for the guinea pig)
Guinea pig
tea set
Handy Manny's Saw & screwdriver
My 2nd batch part 2!
List of Products:
Handy Manny's measuring tape
Breakfast set which includes toast, egg & bacon
swiss roll
toilet bowl which poop!

My 2nd batch was kinda burnt making the toast really real! sushi doesn't look that nice anymore after the burnt effect. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sibling Hatred!

If you read my about me section, you will definitely not miss my dislike stating BROTHER! Yes, I do hate him, ALOT! Who else hates their brother? I personally can't stop hating him. I have lots of siblings but I do not hate any of them, only my brother. Just thinking but are all brothers so irritatingly annoying and bratty and spoilt and whatever you can think of? Or am I the only one with such a pain in the butt brother?

I'll admit that there were times I actually wanna be nice but right when I'm being nice, he would just make you hate him a few minutes after that by doing something so stupid. Like seriously. Whatever happen to brothers you see in movies? Or in a more brutal and cruel and realistic world, whatever happen to brothers that other people seem to actually like? Why can't I have a brother like those? Haiz! Whenever I talk or think about him, I just seem to stress even more. And believe me, I don't stress. He's about the only thing in life that makes me stress.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

my first gund!

It is so cute! So happy tht my sis got me this! She bought it in China at about RMB198. Go and get yourself a gund! Theyre so incredibly fluffy and cute and soft. Love the feeling of touching it. So awesome!

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birthday cake for my lil sis!

Its butter cake with buttermilk frosting or was it called buttercream? Totally forgot the name. But yea, this is it.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Recipe for simple Chicken Cheese Baked Rice

Here's how the end product would look like

Closer look at the end product

Ingredients: (WARNING: THIS PICS OF INGREDIENTS AREN'T MINE! I DO NOT OWN THESE PICS! p.s. Thank you for your pics.)

  • Chicken (cut to your desire)

  • Potatoes, (i used 2 but it's really up to you) (diced)

  • Sugar 

  • Sliced Cheese (seriously, up to you! you can use how many you want)

  • Shredded Cheese 

  • Chicken stock

  • Onion (i used one) (chopped finely)

  • Garlic (i used 3-4 cloves) 

  • Butter (3 tbs)

  • Water 

  • Cooking cream

  • Cinnamon 
  • Rice ( Please cook rice beforehand )


1. Preheat oven 180'C
2. In pan, olive oil+ butter + garlic + onions
( Fry till onions are soft/transparent & slightly brown at sides)
3. Add in potatoes
( Cook till potatoes are soft & gold = test with fork/knife )
4. Add in chicken  *fish may be used & this dish will then be fish baked rice
( If you are using ready cooked chicken like roast chicken, don't add in yet, add in at  the last step)
5. Pour in cream, mix, add water, sugar, chicken stock. Mix, add more cream & water.
6. Let boil, then add cinnamon ...stir....
( if you are using the ready cooked chicken, add right before cinnamon)
7. Add in cheese. the sliced ones. Let the cheese melt.
8. In oven safe pots, add about 1-2 tbs butter. Then scoop in rice (cooked rice) . Mix well!
9. Scoop in cream-chicken mix onto rice. Use spoon & roughly mix it in the rice so that sauce is evenly distributed throughout rice.
10. Sprinkle shredded cheese on rice. ( as much as you want )
11. Bake for about 10 mins or until cheese melts & turns brown or golden.

NOTE: You may bake 2 cups of rice if serving 3 people.

Faith a.k.a The Great Doctor

File:The Great Doctor - Korean Drama-p1.jpg
taken from asianwiki


"Faith" depicts the love between a warrior from the Goryeo Period and a female doctor from the present day, their love transcending time and space.
King Gongmin (Ryu Deok-Hwan), who was held as a hostage in Yuan (China) for an extended period of time, becomes the King of Goryeo (Korea). He married Princess Nogoog (Park Se-Young), who is the Princess of Yuan. Choi Young (Lee Min-Ho) and his men escort King Gongmin and Princess Nogoog from Yuan to Goryeo.
On the way to Goryeo, the group stays at an inn. Assassins then break into the inn and attack their group. During the struggle, Princess Nogoog's neck is slashed by an assassin's sword. Jang Bin (Phillip Lee), who is the most renown doctor in Goryeo, states that he can't save her. If Princess Nogoog dies, Yuan will takeover Goryeo completely. King Gongmin's vassal asks King Gongmin to go pray on a mountain near a mystical source of light. When they get there, they see the mysterious lights swirling around like an entrance to a vacuum. King Gongmin's vassal tells the King that the swirling lights is actually a portal where they can retrieve a great doctor from the heavens. King Gongmin then tasks Choi Young to enter the portal and retrieve the great doctor.
After entering the mystical swirling lights, Choi Young finds himself beneath a statute at a temple. When he leaves the grounds of the temple, Choi Young is confused by the strange sights. He sees modern buildings, contemporary people and automobiles. Choi Young goes back to the temple, which is actually a traditional village area in the middle of present day Seoul, and spots a monk walking by. Choi Young asks the monk where he can find the great doctor. The monk tells Choi Young that at the nearby COEX building, where a medical convention is taking place, he can find the best doctors there.
Choi Young makes his way to the COEX building and walks into the medical convention area. He then enters a seminar room and sees a woman speaking to a large audience. The woman is Dr. Yoo Eun-Soo (Kim Hee-Seon). Choi Young believes that she must be the great doctor. No sooner than he makes his conclusion, Choi Young is quickly dragged out of the conference room by security guards and taken to a room to be interrogated. Choi Young then sees Dr. Yoo Eun-Soo walking through the convention hall on the CCTV monitors placed on the wall in the interrogation room. Choi Young then knocks down the security guards and makes his way back onto the convention center floor.
After giving her seminar, Dr. Yoo Eun-Soo walked through the convention center floor, examining the latest surgical equipment that is on display. Choi Young then appears in front of her and asks her to go with him so she can treat someone that is gravely wounded. Yoo Eun-Soo refuses to go with the man that is dressed like a soldier from ancient times. Choi Young, not yet sure if she is the great doctor, takes out his sword and slashes the neck of a nearby man. Choi Young orders Yoo Eun-Soo to save the man. Yoo Eun-Soo is freaked out by Choi Young's actions, but her doctor instincts kicks in and she works to save the life of the man. Choi Young is now sure that Yoo Eun-Soo is indeed the great doctor and that she can save Princess Nogoog.
At this time, the police storm into the convention hall floor and surround Choi Young and Yoo Eun-Soo. Choi Young then summons his own mystical powers to completely obliterate the police officers surrounding them. Choi Young takes Dr. Yoo Eun-Soo back to the temple, where the time portal exists. On the way there, Yoo Eun-Soo begs Choi Young to let her go, but Choi Young swears on his life that if she saves Princess Nogoog he will let her go back.
When they exit the portal, Choi Young and Dr. Yoo Eun-Soo are standing in front of King Gongmin, his vassal and Choi Young's men. They all go to the inn where Princess Nogoog is nearing death.

P.S. I just copy and paste this whole plot from asianwiki

Are you subscribed to ONETVASIA? Well, I am! Yipee! This show will start today and will be aired every Monday & Tuesday at 9.05pm. Interested? Do watch! Bored? Try watching an episode to find out! 

I'm personally going to try watching this and see how it goes. Btw, I'm also watching Haeundae Lovers on KBSworld which is aired at the same time. But thanks to Astro Beyond recording service, I'm able to record both and watch them anytime I want. 

Golden Syrian Hamsters for sale!

I have tons of hamsters and dont know what to do with them. So, here I am trying to sell some. 


Only COD in Penang, unless you figure how to ship them, which I don't think is possible.

Price: RM8 for one
         RM15 for 2
         RM20 for 3

If you do your calculations, you will see that the more you buy, the cheaper they get. So there!


Email me at joubajoubawa@yahoo.com

For pics, you may just google Golden Syrian Hamsters and you will get to see how they actually look like. If for some reason you really wanna see how my hamsters look like, do email me and I will be happy to snap a pic and send it to you. But remember, only ask if you are interested!