Thursday, November 13, 2014

Review: Beta Salic 2.0


Did you guys miss me? Guess not. :P

I'm back with a review that was in the draft section which explains why I can even upload any pics.

I'm reviewing this product which has been mentioned on WishtrendTv countless of times. 
By the way, in case you never heard of WishtrendTv, it's a youtube channel which was created by Wishtrend and focusses on Korean beauty trend and such. 

Product Info:

Product: Beta Salic 2.0
Brand: Chica Y Chico
Size: 30ml
Price: USD23.90
Where to buy: Wishtrend.com



If I were to describe the texture, it would be film-like gel. Film like is pretty much the aftereffect. Colourless when applied like all gels.  


Hard to describe. It doesn't smell nice. Let's just say it smells like acid. 


Day 1: Stinging felt on areas with pimples
Day 2: Stinging reduced but still there
Day 3: no more stinging
Day 4~7: same as Day 3, nothing.
Sorry for no before and after pics because seriously, I didn't see any effect whatsoever. 


Skin felt smooth the very next day


Small size
Does absolutely nothing
Doesn't do what it claims


This is one of those products which is over-exaggerated. I can't speak for everyone but I'll speak for myself. This is SO PRICEY for something that does nothing. Save your money folks!

Will I repurchase?:

Hell no!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Busy life~~

Hello November!

Has it been 2 months since my last post?
I've just been so busy that I've not been updating on any of my blogs.
Busy in the sense that i don't even have time to study. 
My time management sucks so bad.
I figure I might just use this as like an online journal just to update you people on my life? :)
Bear with me? Thanks!

So, I applied for the international student union in my uni and got accepted as a journalist. Completely different from what I was a year ago. I was in the web design department, which I don't think I did anything aside from posting a few posts on the website? So, this year, I applied for the journalist post just to contribute a lil more to the union. I wrote the first article on a Halloween event that the union organised. I'm happy I got to contribute but I didn't write the article from my point of view, which was weird... 

I think this semester pass pretty quick, considering midterms are around the corner and I'm so totally not prepared. Every semester, I vow to start studying from the beginning but I fail to do so every single time. I'm not the only one right? Hope not. 

And I ordered from Koreadepart once again, so, expect a haul post anytime soon. Ok, I take that back. Not soon since I'll be studying for my midterms instead of taking good pictures of the haul and reviewing the products. The haul this time consists of mostly cleansers? 

Update on my healthy lifestyle. Yes! I've started eating vegetables. And I've been religiously following Cassey's workout calendar. I started with the Beginner's Workout Calendar, then I moved on to the monthly calendar. The exercises are so good. I can definitely see changes and feel healthy. The workout is called BLOGILATES. So good! And I'll continue to exercise according to the calendar. Also, for meal prep, I follow Cassey's meal plan and also Joanna Soh's meal plan. Absolutely free and well, I follow both just to have a variation of meals. You will get so so so sick of eating the same thing pretty much all the time. Also, try mindovermunch.com Recipes there are healthy and so delicious. 

That's all for now. Talk to you guys soon! :D