Monday, May 4, 2015

China Series: How to Get into Banned Sites?


Welcome to my new series, where I'll be introducing about china related things.

In this first post, I'll share the most important thing ever! I know how most of you, if not all are hooked to the internet. You can't live without it right? But which sites do you usually go to anyways? Most people just use Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram right? I mean, these are the common ones. Unfortunately, the sites mentioned are all banned in China.

So, how do you go about? And did you know that since google is banned, the app store in your smartphone doesn't work as well? You can't even open it, let alone download any new apps. 


I've used a few VPNs and the one that works the best for me is Psiphon. You can download it on your smartphone & also your laptop (only for Windows user though) 
It's fast, it's reliable, and best part, it's FREE! 
I find that this works best on phones? It never crashed on my phone, ever! But it crashes quite a few times when I used it on my Dell.
I've downloaded this on both my phone & my Dell
With this app, I can use my Instagram & Line. When you on this app, you can also browse any banned sites on the browser app. 
Without this, don't even think of using Instagram. It's banned.


For Mac users, you have to find some other options. I paid for it. XP When I'm using my Mac, I use a VPN which I paid for. Have you heard of securitales.com? No? Well, they offer a free trial of just 30 minutes if I'm not mistaken? After you pay, you will be given a special link along with a password. You can then use it. Do note that if you are sharing this with a friend, be sure to never use the link at the same time. It doesn't work that way. But you can use this link on any device. 
Pretty affordable too. Bad thing is that it sometimes crashes. But if that occurs, just email them and they will give you another link. No matter what link they give, you can just use the same username & password. 
For blogging, you can use this to just type, but you can't input any pictures. The pop up for the insert image part just doesn't work for some reason.
Other than not being able to input any pictures when using blogger, I think you can use this for pretty much everything else.
Though be warned that there are a few sites which ban this. 
So far, I think bloglovin bans this? Maybe a few other sites too which I don't use?
You can email me & I can check the sites using my link and I'll tell you.

There are other options out there which I may or may not have tried out. If I didn't write it here, it just means I didn't like it or never actually tried it before. Do let me know which VPN you use and the pros & cons of it.