Saturday, November 23, 2013

Review: MIZON All In One Snail Repair Cream


Review of the day is the Mizon Snail Cream!

If you remember, I did post about my wishlist here. And, my previous post about snail creams here

Product Info: 

Name: MIZON All In One Snail Repair Cream
Brand: MIZON
Size: 75ml
Price: RM33.60 including postage
Where to buy: Qoo10 ( I did a post about this snail cream haul here.) 

Additional Info from seller's site:


This is how the box looks like:

Front part of the box:

Back part of the box with everything in Korean except the word MIZON & the 75ml.

One side of the box with Korean words:

Other side of the box with English explanation:

How the bottle looks like:

How the back part looks like:

When you remove the cap, it had a lid to ensure cleanliness:

After removing the lid, you will then get the cream:


Like all other snail creams


Very light textured cream. When applied, skin absorbs the cream almost immediately. 

My Experience:

Sorry I took so long to write this review. I used up 2 bottles before I could judge this cream. I apply this every night & it does protect the moisture of my face. As in, when I wake up the very next day, my face doesn't feel dry at all. As for its claim that it is a repair cream? Nah! I don't think it repaired anything.


It's just like any other moisturiser. I guess the price is ok only when it is on sale since its function is just as a moisturiser. 

Will I repurchase? :

Highly unlikely unless there is an awesome sale on this cream again.