Friday, August 31, 2012

Book Fair at Times Square Penang

Are you currently in Penang and dying for a good read at super low price? Yes? Then, head over to Times Square now!

It's ending tomorrow so what are you waiting for?

Don't believe the discount?

I went there yesterday and enjoyed myself ALOT! It was so much fun!

Here's what I bought:

Good deal right? As in, VERY VERY good deal!
Check out the normal retail price and the price I paid!

Seriously, this is a very good deal that you wouldn't wanna miss! 

Personalized Box of Chocolates

Previously in the month of June, I didn't know what to get for my mom's birthday. I mean, she has everything and whatever that she doesn't have, I can't afford. Thank god I found out about CHOCOLATE PASSION CHOCOLATE CAFE! I went to their facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chocolate-Passion/405397266138800?ref=stream

Ok. I didn't go to that page. Initially, I went to their other facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Choc-Artisan/178496425511110
This was where I came up with the idea of actually getting my mom a box of personalised chocolates! 

I thought, it's actually really nice and who can actually say no to chocolates? And knowing my mom, she LOVES chocolates!!! 

So, I contacted choc artisan by facebook message. And obviously, I enquired and all. Callin is the owner and she was the one that replied me. Very efficient! Found out that a box with silver plate cost RM145 and a box with gold plate cost RM155. You get to write any messages you want on the box. Technically, you just give them the message you want and they engrave the message for you. Oh, and they design for you and email you to choose which design you want. 

Box of chocolates! 

Did I mention there are 15 pcs of choc inside the box? 

You can actually get a normal box of 15 pcs of chocs but I wanted it to be special for my mommy dearest! After finishing the chocs, she's actually using the box to keep her rings and earrings. So, I pretty much killed 2 birds with a stone. I gave my mom delicious chocs, like seriously delicious, and a box with special engraving for her to keep forever! 

Want more info? What better way to know than from the owner herself? Just head over to their cafe at Straits Quay or visit their facebook page where you can message them and they'll be sure to answer you! 

p.s. I did say this was way back in June. Therefore, I have lost the pics of the interior of the box. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chocolate Passion Chocolate Cafe

Do you like chocolates? Are you currently in Penang? If you have answered yes to both questions, do head over to Chocolate Passion Chocolate Cafe at Straits Quay. Do you know that this is the first ever chocolate cafe in Penang? well, even if you didn't, you have now found out!

This is the view of the shop when you walk from Royal Selangor.

This is the front view of the shop

This is how the inside of the shop containing chocs look like

Some of the chocs on display

Another pic of chocs on display

BTW, these pics are all stolen from their facebook page. :P
For better and clear pics and also more detailed info and such, do head over to their facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chocolate-Passion/405397266138800

And this here, is about the only pic I took! It's called Smokie Hot Chocolate! It's priced at RM16.50. Comes with a chocolate spoon as well! :D 

They actually have like four other choices of hot chocs ( plus, they're cheaper than the smokie hot choc). If I'm not mistaken, the other hot chocs are cinnamon hot choc, chili hot choc, marshmallow hot choc and also chocolate affogato. They do have other things like chocolate pizza, chocolate fondue and many more chocolatey desserts. They have ice blended as well!

Two more pics stolen from their facebook page! :P

did I mention they do customized box of chocs? Well, I'll post regarding that some other time. I did order one for my mom's birthday previously but the pics aren't with me right now. So, yea. Do check this place out as it is quite cool! And also, you wont be disappointed. Stay tuned for my next post regarding a personalised box of chocolates!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fat Arms are such a disadvantage!

Have you ever had FAT arms? I do! It really is a super super BIG disadvantage. (crying right now!) I never actually mind until a few days ago. I won this dress from a giveaway. My family were surprised i got a parcel and thought that I did online shopping again. I took the dress and tried it out coz yea, I've never worn a dress before. ONE PROBLEM! I looked weird! But, at that point, I really didnt know what made me look weird. I thought it was only the unusual-ness of never actually wearing a dress. I mean, if you've never seen a person wearing make up and you suddenly saw that person wearing it one day, you would feel weird. That was what I initially thought. Then, I showed it to my mom! She was like "You dont look good in that!" i mean, to actually hear that coming from my mom. Like WTH! She added, " People with fat arms shouldn't wear clothing like that!" I was so sad! I mean, Im sure we've all heard that every parent think their children are pretty even when they are actually terribly ugly. My mom, told me I had FAT arms! She even added that I should give that dress to my sister. I was like "WHAT!?!"

Point 2: When you have fat arms, you dont look good in any normal shirts. and yes, i mean it! Even normal t-shirts make you look fat! Practically anything you wear would just make you look fat and sad.

P.S. I've been doing 100 sit-ups everyday + 100 half sit-ups for like 2 weeks already? and yea yea, i know sit-ups are only for the abs.....but basically, I only started doing them after I weighed myself and found out I gained 4 kg!

no pics on my fat arms! they're sore to the public's eyes!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

personalized charms finally here

Head over to
http://www.efsterling.com/ to order similar charms or just about anything to due with personalised jewelries! 

One of the charms!

How it was wrapped!

Have you ever had the fascination for charm bracelets but dont know where to get them? Well, my sis ordered these for my birthday! So happy theyre finally here!
They were wrapped as presents! Sweet!
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