Friday, February 14, 2014

How I spent my Valentine's Day


Happy Valentine's Day!!!

So, how did you spend your Valentine's Day?

I spent it by hanging out with my gossip buddy! :)

We actually chose today without realising it was Valentine's Day.

It just means that this day isn't special to us for us to forget. 

We drove to Straits Quay & wandered around not knowing where to eat.

My friend Shira, is a muslim so we had to find a halal place.

At last, we decided on Uncle Albert's Traditional Fish & Chips.
Every course meal came with a glass of ice lemon tea & a bowl of soup.

We both ordered the battered "catch of the day" which happened to be Dory fish.

What you see on the menu is what you pay. All prices are nett. Super like! 

This is RM25 nett. :D

After lunch, we checked out Charlie Brown Cafe. 

This is hot chocolate. RM12.

The cheesecake is RM12 as well.

There's even a 10% service charge. So, total was RM26.40
Pretty pricey I would say.
The cheesecake tasted exactly like Jenni's Bakery in town which sells the whole cake for RM21? 
Only thing was that they added the oreo crumbs & a snoopy white chocolate. 
Hot chocolate is like any other normal hot chocolate. With added snoopy art of course.

Next, we  went to La Vanille which is at Hutton Lane.
We ordered the Nutella Almond Honey Toast.

This is RM15.90.

No service charge. No gov tax. 

We were so full, we couldn't even finish the honey toast. It was good but we were just too full.

Our leftover! :P

So, that was how I spent my Valentine's day. 

How did you spend yours?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Naruko Haul ( February)


I've always wanted to buy Naruko but never actually did. That is till a few days ago. My toner ran out so I thought hey, why not try this brand?

There were so many series/range in that brand but I knew exactly which one to go for. I went for the tea tree line right away.

The tricky part was not knowing which products to get. I mean, they have so many products in one series. 

So wanna know what I got?

Read on!

Order Process:
Ordered & paid: 11/2/14
Order processed & shipped: 12/2/14
Received: 13/2/14

What I got:
[Tea Tree] Oil Control Package(5 Items)
  - [Package]: TT Shine Control &am..
[NRK] Brightening Moisture Package
  - [Package]: All-in-One High Pote..
Free Shipping:RM0

I'm sure this part of the post is what everyone loves. Pictures!

Let's start off with how the box looks like:

Once you remove the tape, you will find newspapers:

Beneath the newspapers, behold!:

products which were not in boxes were bubble wrapped as you can see above.

The tea tree line:

I got the set of 5 products. 

I got these 2 which are both moisturisers. The yellow one is for daytime & the blue one is for night time. 

This is the free gift for spending more than RM199:

This is from the other series/range which is for hydrating & whitening at the same time if I'm not mistaken. 

What I like:
  • Their service is so good! They process & ship the things out 1 day after payment! :D
  • Delivery is really fast! One day after being shipped out
  • Free delivery for orders over RM100
  • Tracking number was given via email! 
  • Products were bubble wrapped. (some) 
  • A very detailed invoice was given along with the parcel
  • Parcel in the shape of a box. I really love it when online shops deliver in boxes rather than just stuffing the things in that plastic form. 

What I didn't like:
  •  the lack of samples. Apparently, I was only given the GWP which was stated on the website. I really thought they would at least included some samples or something after spending more than RM200. 
  • payment method in which we have to email to inform we have made payment. I find that rather tedious actually. 

Haul from nile.com.my (February)


This is my 2nd time ordering from nile.com.my 

Order process:
Ordered & Paid: 9/2/14
Shipped out: 10/2/14
Received: 11/2/14

What I ordered:
1 xcmhn27716 Korean DIY Beauty SetRM4.20
1 xcmhn27591 iphone4 paper notes iRM3.20
1 xMCSAX62351 Lion V NecK Tee
  - Size: M
1 xcib29128 Multi Purpose Pouch / Card Holder
  - Color: Green
1 xMCSAX62369 European Sytel Quality Tee
  - Size: M
1 xcmhn25101 Economical mini compressed towel (10 pcs / bag)RM3.00
1 xMCSAX62484 Wolf Tee Shirt
  - Size: M
1 xcmhn8750 Seamless Magic Hair Bands (Two pieces)RM0.80
1 xwabe88668 EaringRM2.90
1 xwabe64046 Butterfly Earing
  - Color: Silver
1 xwabe39021 Pearl Design Elegant Earing
  - Color: Gold
1 xwabe25037 EaringRM1.60
1 xwabe17418 Earing
  - Color: Gold
1 xwabn14782 Elegant NecklaceRM1.90
1 xwazohp9473 Sweet Butterfly ColorFul Bob
  - Color: Light Blue
Billing Information
Billing Address
Payment Method
Bank Transfer
Sub-Total:RM 103.10
GDEX (Penisular) [Free]RM 0.00
TotalRM 103.10


Here are some pictures of the items. Not all items were photographed since some are for my sister & also my mom. So, only my things will be shown ok?

First, is the Korean DIY kit. It's for making masks. I've always wanted one since I've actually been using baking utensils for making masks instead & that's pretty unhygienic right?

This one below is the towel compress which I just wanted to try. :P

The earrings which I got. A girl can never have too many earrings. :D

For clearer picture, I took out all the earring from the plastic bags & store them in these little jewellery gift boxes.  Look so dainty with black backdrop right?

What I like:
  • I love that the whole process was so fast! Like you pay today & they process n ship the very next day!
  • I like that delivery was so so so fast. I really dislike delivery within Malaysia which takes more than 2 days. 
  • I love that they email me regarding the tracking number. It's such a fuss to actually log in to you account just to check the tracking number. So, I really love this part. 
  • Things there are CHEAP! Like seriously, this is like a malaysian version of Taobao or something.
  • I like that they included a detailed invoice so I can check if anything is missing 

  • parcel was torn in the middle. Thank god nothing was damaged or missing.
  • earrings should all be placed in a little gift looking sort of bag since they are small. They were just stuffed in the parcel along with all the things. Not really organised.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

ibuybeauti is looking for beauty bloggers

Have you heard of ibuybeauti?

If you are a fan of Korean skincare & cosmetics, then I'm pretty sure ibuybeauti is no stranger to you. 

I was really happy and excited at the same time when I read Marxie's blogpost regarding this. 

All beauty bloggers can join this sponsorship program. 

All you have to do is send an email to beautifanblog@gmail.com with information such as below:

Blog address
Skin Type
Best Beauty Review Link
Brief Self Introduction

Do remember to act fast as application period is from 3rd of February till the 18th. 

Winners will be announced on the 20th.

This is one opportunity you wouldn't want to miss! :)

For a more complete and detailed post, do check out Marxie's post