Friday, February 14, 2014

How I spent my Valentine's Day


Happy Valentine's Day!!!

So, how did you spend your Valentine's Day?

I spent it by hanging out with my gossip buddy! :)

We actually chose today without realising it was Valentine's Day.

It just means that this day isn't special to us for us to forget. 

We drove to Straits Quay & wandered around not knowing where to eat.

My friend Shira, is a muslim so we had to find a halal place.

At last, we decided on Uncle Albert's Traditional Fish & Chips.
Every course meal came with a glass of ice lemon tea & a bowl of soup.

We both ordered the battered "catch of the day" which happened to be Dory fish.

What you see on the menu is what you pay. All prices are nett. Super like! 

This is RM25 nett. :D

After lunch, we checked out Charlie Brown Cafe. 

This is hot chocolate. RM12.

The cheesecake is RM12 as well.

There's even a 10% service charge. So, total was RM26.40
Pretty pricey I would say.
The cheesecake tasted exactly like Jenni's Bakery in town which sells the whole cake for RM21? 
Only thing was that they added the oreo crumbs & a snoopy white chocolate. 
Hot chocolate is like any other normal hot chocolate. With added snoopy art of course.

Next, we  went to La Vanille which is at Hutton Lane.
We ordered the Nutella Almond Honey Toast.

This is RM15.90.

No service charge. No gov tax. 

We were so full, we couldn't even finish the honey toast. It was good but we were just too full.

Our leftover! :P

So, that was how I spent my Valentine's day. 

How did you spend yours?

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