Thursday, February 13, 2014

Naruko Haul ( February)


I've always wanted to buy Naruko but never actually did. That is till a few days ago. My toner ran out so I thought hey, why not try this brand?

There were so many series/range in that brand but I knew exactly which one to go for. I went for the tea tree line right away.

The tricky part was not knowing which products to get. I mean, they have so many products in one series. 

So wanna know what I got?

Read on!

Order Process:
Ordered & paid: 11/2/14
Order processed & shipped: 12/2/14
Received: 13/2/14

What I got:
[Tea Tree] Oil Control Package(5 Items)
  - [Package]: TT Shine Control &am..
[NRK] Brightening Moisture Package
  - [Package]: All-in-One High Pote..
Free Shipping:RM0

I'm sure this part of the post is what everyone loves. Pictures!

Let's start off with how the box looks like:

Once you remove the tape, you will find newspapers:

Beneath the newspapers, behold!:

products which were not in boxes were bubble wrapped as you can see above.

The tea tree line:

I got the set of 5 products. 

I got these 2 which are both moisturisers. The yellow one is for daytime & the blue one is for night time. 

This is the free gift for spending more than RM199:

This is from the other series/range which is for hydrating & whitening at the same time if I'm not mistaken. 

What I like:
  • Their service is so good! They process & ship the things out 1 day after payment! :D
  • Delivery is really fast! One day after being shipped out
  • Free delivery for orders over RM100
  • Tracking number was given via email! 
  • Products were bubble wrapped. (some) 
  • A very detailed invoice was given along with the parcel
  • Parcel in the shape of a box. I really love it when online shops deliver in boxes rather than just stuffing the things in that plastic form. 

What I didn't like:
  •  the lack of samples. Apparently, I was only given the GWP which was stated on the website. I really thought they would at least included some samples or something after spending more than RM200. 
  • payment method in which we have to email to inform we have made payment. I find that rather tedious actually. 

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