Saturday, April 19, 2014

Update on my life.


So sorry for abandoning this blog for such a long time.

To make up for that, I'll show you guys what I've been up to these few months.

It may not be interesting, actually, it really is not interesting.

So, my second semester has started and I really didn't expect it to be so so so different from the first semester. Though the subjects are much lesser than last sem but it's actually tougher and every single sub has homework each and everytime. :(

I can't really blog often because most of the time I can't access blogger. 

For those of you who don't know, I'm currently in Beijing, China. And if you don't already know, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Blogger and so much more are all banned here. You can only access these sites with VPN and most of the time, Blogger is just really hard to access. It loads so so so slow that you can barely open the homepage. 

So, other than going to classes and doing homework, I just watch Korean dramas most of the time. 

I'm currently watching everything on gooddrama.net which fortunately, doesn't require any VPN and is not banned in China. 

As for Game of Thrones, I watch it on http://www.cokeandpopcorn.ch/ which is a very awesome site for english tv series!  That's pretty much the only english show I watch. I'm waiting for the next season of The Walking Dead. :D

As for eating out, I don't really do that. Maybe only once in 2 weeks? My sis cooks most of the time and I cook only once a week. So yea. We do grocery shopping once in 2 weeks as well with my sis occasionally shopping by herself few times a week. 

Should I like do a post or posts about life in China?


I might. :)