Friday, December 28, 2012

Which shopping site to go when you are in China?


3 posts in a day is so not me but I suddenly remembered about this very special site and needed to tell everyone about it.


Which site am I referring to?

It is 360buy.com!

Why I love it?

Well, I actually know nothing about it at first, not till my sis told me all about it.

My sis has been raving bout this site and is a very very frequent and satisfied customer of this site.

I gave it a try and was astonished with it.

They have CASH ON DELIVERY where no handling fees are charged!

How cool is that?

I actually really hate internet banking and would very much prefer CASH ON DELIVERY especially when handling fees are not charged.

Some items have no delivery charges too.

And and, you can choose the delivery time and all.

They wrap the things up in bubble wraps and then with their 360buy.com plastic bags!

They things are so secured and you will definitely be very happy!

Their service is so very very awesome too!

Oh and I forgot to mention that the prices are low too, like very very low!

So, if you are currently residing in China, especially Beijing, go check their site out!

You definitely will not regret!

Lazada Malaysia


Ever heard of Lazada?

Pretty sure most of you out there have probably heard about it.

No? Then, here's a lil about me section which I just copy and pasted.


Welcome to Lazada, Malaysia's premier online mall. We bring you the largest selection of the world's most popular brands at best prices to your doorstep.
Our easy-to-navigate portal offers unparalleled convenience with fast shipping within Malaysia (including Sabah and Sarawak). Most customers receive their orders within five business days of order submission.
Please check the website frequently for new products as we are constantly expanding our range. Stay tuned for new exciting product categories to be added. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on the latest trends, offers, and Lazada news.
Join us in revolutionizing the shopping experience in Malaysia.

My first ever purchase from them has left me absolutely satisfied with their service and speed of delivery.
I ordered and made payment on the 27th and received my item on the very next day. How impressive is that?

My purchase:

Yes. I needed a memory card for my Samsung Note 10.1 and it so happens that this was on sale.

I bought it for RM31.

Oh and because delivery only comes for free when you spend above RM50, I bought 2 of these.

So, total came up to RM62.

Did you know that the delivery charge is RM10? 

So, yea. 

Do have a look at their site. You won't regret!

They are selling the Samsung Galaxy Camera as well! With free gifts too which are:

Free with Every Purchase Of Samsung GALAXY Camera

1. Hotlink Broadband pack worth RM388
2. Additional Battery worth RM89  . :)

I'm still considering whether to get this camera or not. Haiz.

Anyways, their site is full of awesome deals. So, seriously, do check it out!

Buses in Beijing


I would like to say that buses are like the cheapest mode of transport in Beijing, public transport that is.

Especially if you own a transport card, like this one below: 

It cost RMB0.40 for a bus ride, no matter how long the ride is or how far it takes you.
Without the card, it would then cost RMB1.
Can you see that you will be saving RMB0.60 by getting a card?

They even have this orderly system where seats are prioritised for old people and kids.

I was certainly surprised when i saw people giving up their seats to the elderly and kids since well, in my neck of the woods, people just don't. 

There's also a reason why people avoid the back seats. It's because everytime the bus goes over a bump of some sort, only the back seat people will feel the pain. I would know. I've experienced that.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Daylight Donuts


I'm BACK!!!

One lil info: I won't be blogging about each day. I'll just blog bout places that I've been to and only if i can find the pictures. I didn't really take any pics. 

Back to topic k?

Have you heard of Daylight Donuts?

Stopped here to get some lunch!

Here's how the entrance looks like:

Below is a pic of a stairway leading you to the shop:

This is what you will see! The interior:

For my super bad photos, I would like to apologise and so, I have found some awesome and clear pics on the net which is what you will see below. Enjoy!


Below are pics of what I ordered:
Hokkaido Milk Tea which cost RMB7

Pork chop rice with egg which cost RMB15

Guess what? Although this is a donut shop, I didn't get any donuts. Was too full and I didn't even finish the rice. :P

Below is a map to the place:

Info regarding the place: 

The donut Beijing Xueqing Road
Address: the 5th Haidian District Institute路甲. (Forest Road east) 
Tel :010 -62,916,170 
Hours: 8:00 am-23 : 00pm

 So, if you are currently residing in Beijing, especially Haidian for all you University folks, do check this out!
The price is super affordable! I had the same thing at Jaya Crepes at Sunlitun but it cost RMB42. There you go! Can you see the difference in the price? And mind you that the amount is the same, taste not too far off.

Plus, I forgot to mention that the drinks are half priced when you order the lunch. So mine was half priced since I ordered the pork chop rice.

Do try their donuts too! They are priced at RMB7 for 1. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Have you heard of white.my?



Have you heard of white.my?

If no, then you have gotta check it out!

Here's a lil info bout them: 

About Us

We Are White

Let’s keep this simple.
At White, we’re believers in the Internet revolution. We want you to become a believer, too. That’s why White.MY brings you lifestyle products for the modern home at ridiculously low prices, all because we can.
White.MY was founded in 2012 by the same guys who brought you MilkADeal.
Why So Cheap?
We only work with partner suppliers who share our belief that the Internet exists to make life better for the everyday consumer. Together, we work towards bringing cost structures down and providing Malaysians with incredible products at incredible prices.
Why White?
Like the colour white, we’re
  • Simple: No instruction manual required.
  • Clean: Great deals at the lowest prices we can bring you. No strings attached.
  • Fresh: We want to revolutionize the Malaysian Internet shopping experience. How are we doing so far?
  • Good-looking: Yes, we are.

Like Us on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter

Below is a print screen of the site:

Nice right?

What is nicer? The price!

What caught my attention so far:

So cute right? And the price!!!! So irresistible!

Plus, the free shipping? *FAINTS*

Even with such awesome deals and all, why didn't i get anything yet?

I did said YET right? That means, I am getting these items soon. 

You should too!

Sunday, December 2, 2012



As you can see in the title, it's already december! And yes, I know I'm a few days late. It's already the 3rd huh? Time sure does fly!


What will I do in December?

It's not really a special month for me but it definitely is my vacation month!

Well, that counts as something special right?

Remember my post on going to beijing? 

Yes! That is one of the things I'm looking forward to!

I can't wait to see my sis!

Also, as a celebration of the start of december, my dad bought me.........

Can you see? It's the SAMSUNG galaxy note 10.1!

took a pic of it while the software was being updated.

So.....I look forward to the fun I'll be having this month!

Most importantly, can't wait for a new year!