Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Daylight Donuts


I'm BACK!!!

One lil info: I won't be blogging about each day. I'll just blog bout places that I've been to and only if i can find the pictures. I didn't really take any pics. 

Back to topic k?

Have you heard of Daylight Donuts?

Stopped here to get some lunch!

Here's how the entrance looks like:

Below is a pic of a stairway leading you to the shop:

This is what you will see! The interior:

For my super bad photos, I would like to apologise and so, I have found some awesome and clear pics on the net which is what you will see below. Enjoy!


Below are pics of what I ordered:
Hokkaido Milk Tea which cost RMB7

Pork chop rice with egg which cost RMB15

Guess what? Although this is a donut shop, I didn't get any donuts. Was too full and I didn't even finish the rice. :P

Below is a map to the place:

Info regarding the place: 

The donut Beijing Xueqing Road
Address: the 5th Haidian District Institute路甲. (Forest Road east) 
Tel :010 -62,916,170 
Hours: 8:00 am-23 : 00pm

 So, if you are currently residing in Beijing, especially Haidian for all you University folks, do check this out!
The price is super affordable! I had the same thing at Jaya Crepes at Sunlitun but it cost RMB42. There you go! Can you see the difference in the price? And mind you that the amount is the same, taste not too far off.

Plus, I forgot to mention that the drinks are half priced when you order the lunch. So mine was half priced since I ordered the pork chop rice.

Do try their donuts too! They are priced at RMB7 for 1. 

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