About me

Hello! Here's a lil info bout me, not that you wanna know bout me but I figured this is for fun so yea.

Name: Jo
Age: 21
Likes: Yuki, Beachan, Pedro, bears, Manga, Chocolates ( especially white ), Ferris wheel, cable cars, dramas, beauty, money etc.
Dislikes: heels, cats, handbags, BROTHER etc.
Fav colour: Blue

Brief Introduction:
Greetings! I'm a normal person, to put it simple, I'm really average. Average in looks, height, weight( ok, maybe not), intelligence, skills, wealth, health, etc. So, you see? I'm super average in everything. I live in plain old Penang. It's a tiny lil island which belongs to Malaysia if you don't know where Penang is.
I am a Flight Vehicle Design & Engineering student in Beihang University, Beijing.
I blog more when I'm in Malaysia but I try to blog even when I'm  in China. :)

Since this blog is part beauty blog, here's my beauty profile:
Tone: Yellow-ish
Skin type:Dry, acne-prone, sensitive
Problems: ACNE, acne scars, huge pores
Hair: Long, straight, black
Problem: Frizzy
Body problem: Very dark elbows (lots of people think my elbows are bruised)

Why joubajoubawa?
Remember when neopets was THE IN thing last time? Well, it was IN for me. I don't even remember how old i was but we needed to create a username and password right? When I put plain old "JO", it would then say that the username is unavailable and that I could choose JO with numbers. I mean, as a kid, you wouldn't remember numbers after a name. Maybe you can, but I'm not a bright kid. So then, my sis came up with the name Joubajoubawa. And for some reason I agreed and soon after, no matter what it was, I would definitely put Joubajoubawa as my username. Well, main point was that Joubajoubawa will never be unavailable.

p.s. Sorry for any grammatical errors and such in all my posts.

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