Thursday, November 29, 2012

Going to Beijing!


I am so excited to be going to Beijing again!

Yes! The again coz it's already my 4th time? Lol! Who cares? As long as I'm going. :)

Behold! My flight summary:

Thu 13-Dec-12- Special Fare  
Penang (PEN)
Depart --.--
 to Hong Kong (HKG)
Arrive --.--
Terminal 1
2,395 km
(1,488 mi)
Duration: 3hr 45mn  
Cathay Pacific
Flight: ----

Economy Class (Seat assignments upon check-in), Lunch, 772 - BOEING 777/200

Hong Kong (HKG)
Depart --:--
Terminal 1
 to Beijing (PEK)
Arrive --:--
Terminal 3
1,994 km
(1,239 mi)
Duration: 3hr 10mn  
Cathay Pacific
Flight: ---- 
Operated by: Dragonair

Economy Class (Seat assignments upon check-in), Dinner, AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A330-300

Total distance: 4,389 km (2,727 mi)Total duration: 6hr 55mn (8hr 5mn with connections)
Mon 24-Dec-12- Special Fare  
Beijing (PEK)
Terminal 3
 to Hong Kong (HKG)
Arrive --:--
Terminal 1
1,994 km
(1,239 mi)
Duration: 3hr 45mn  
Cathay Pacific
Flight: ---- 
Operated by: Dragonair

Economy Class (Seat assignments upon check-in), Refreshments, AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A330-300

Hong Kong (HKG)
Depart --:--
Terminal 1
 to Penang (PEN)
2,395 km
(1,488 mi)
Duration: 3hr 40mn  
Cathay Pacific
Flight: ----

Economy Class (Seat assignments upon check-in), Refreshments, AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A330-300

Total distance: 4,389 km (2,727 mi)Total duration: 7hr 25mn (11hr 0mn with connections

Will definitely blog about each day!

With pictures too! But don't expect much since my photography skills are horrible and well, my blogging skills are on par. 

And probably coz I'll be using my handphone to take pics. 

I so want the new Samsung Galaxy Camera just so blogging will be so much easier.

Anyone can recommend me any good cameras that can transfer pics using wifi? 

I used the Olympus one before, and I hate the quality of the pictures. Even my phone takes better pics.

Less than 2 weeks! YAY!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Discovered something better than veet!


Do you have hairy arms and legs? Ok, maybe not that hairy, but still. Want to have that smooth and hairless legs and arms like models and actress and all?

leg beautification

Best part? Cheap!

Ok, I won't reveal any more than this.

Wanna know more?

Stay tune for my next post on the secret to having smooth and hairless legs! Arms as well!

if i am taking like forever just to post an update to this, you can always email me about this. I will gladly give you an answer! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

A no pic post: Tainan Restaurant, midlands Penang


Read on if you wanna know about the best Taiwanese food in Penang!

How i found this awesome place?

Story: So, I was craving for Taiwanese food, especially Taiwanese pork chop. Googled Taiwanese food in Penang and eventually found several food blogs featuring Tainan Restaurant at midlands park. Did I get the name of the mall correct? I think so. So sis, bro and I drove there. Don't really know the location of the restaurant in the mall. We went up to the 4th floor and boy, was that mall deserted or what? We scanned the 4th floor and couldn't find it. Went to the other side. We saw Taiwanese fast food which was located at the 1st floor. Went to the 1st floor. Was about to go in when my sis asked me whether that was the right shop. I was sure it wasnt but couldn't care less. Wanted to go n but sis pulled me. She said the Taiwanese fast food place looked expensive. So we walked further down by 3 shops or so and there it was! I was like, it's this one! We walked in and the person welcomed us. 

The place:  I didn't know this but the kitchen is actually outside where u can actually see the person cooking and making drinks and such. 

Menu: I ordered pork chop rice, RM7 & pearl milk tea, RM3.50. Sis ordered braised pork rice, RM5 & pearl milk tea as well. Bro ordered chicken chop noodles, RM9.50 & chocolate milk tea, RM3.50. 

Taste: The pork chop rice was yummy beyond my imagination. The BEST Taiwanese pork chop rice in Penang. Milk tea was awesome. 

Tax & service charge: NONE!

Parking: ample! It is a shopping mall. So yea. There's parking.

Thanks for reviews on the net!


I have always googled everything I need to know. 

Have you?

Everytime I want to purchase anything, I would read reviews about the product.

This method is really awesome and prevents us from wasting money.

Since, you can't ask the sellers directly about the cons of the products, you can always google for a review or ask the buyers directly about their feedbacks.

Have you done that?

Likewise, I wanted to get the Miyome cream and also the tooth whitening powder but thanks to bloggers who reviewed them, I've decided not to.

Yes, you do read good reviews but sometimes the bloggers are actually being sponsored and won't actually tell the whole truth. Not their fault though. They're just being courteous. If they were to condemn a product that was sponsored to them, well, that's highly unlikely. 

So, do you want good reviews?

Go read from a blog that isn't sponsored. Agree?

So, I really have to say "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" to all bloggers with their very honest reviews which helped me so much in life!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Takeaway Special: Mochi Sweets Gurney Plaza


Ever notice a small lil shop selling mochis near Cold Storage when you walk around Gurney Plaza? I did! Which brings me to post about it.

I bought the 12 pcs set which is RM40. Expensive? Not really, considering the size and we all know Japanese mochis are never cheap!

Below are pics of the mochis and the bag and box and so on:

Pic of the paper bag! Looks really nice even when the bag is just plain black and white.

View of box inside paper bag!

View of box after lifting the lid open!

View of box lid!

Ok...I tried to rotate this pic countless of times but it just won't rotate.
List of flavours!

The mochis beneath the flavour listed paper!

The mochis after taking the plastic sheet away!

This is cream chocolate! Notice the 3 different layers? Well, the outer layer is of course the mochi skin which  taste like glutinous rice skin, not even sure if I'm describing it right.
The layer after that is the paste layer. Like red bean paste but this one has chocolate paste, like in mooncakes.
The most inner layer is the cream part. 

This is the caramel macchiato. 
won't describe the layers anymore since you pretty much already get it.

Wanna have a taste? Head over to Gurney Plaza! You can get one pcs for RM4 if I'm not mistaken. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that the box containing 12 pcs is priced at RM40 right? The flavours are already fixed. If you want to choose your own flavours, it won't be RM40, It'll be RM40++. 

Hope you enjoy this post! See ya later!

Lenses from Kiwiberry1


Remember I won a giveaway? If not, read here.

So, basically, I won a box of lashes and a pair of lenses of my choice.

The lashes and lenses were sent in different parcels.

I've posted regarding the lashes here

So, I actually got the lashes like a month ago? After waiting for a week or two, I finally emailed them and asked about the lenses.

They were so nice and replied absolutely every email and enquiry. 

Below is how the email look like:

"On 10 Nov 2012, at 04:22, "info@kiwiberry1-collection.com" <info@kiwiberry1-collection.com> wrote:

Thank you for your email and kind understanding.

We are shipping our your replacement pair today. Expect them soon!

Thank you for your wonderful cooperation.
Again we apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Have a wonderful weekend.


On Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 3:45 PM, Jojo (my email) wrote:

Ok. Thanks for your understanding. I will make sure that I'll inform you if the original does turn up. Thanks so much!

On 9 Nov 2012, at 03:19, "info@kiwiberry1-collection.com" <info@kiwiberry1-collection.com> wrote:

Thank you for your email.

The lens should have been there already as well. 

We will ship out a replacement pair for you tomorrow. 
Your preference: 14mm in Blue or if you have a different preference, please let us know.

Your shipping address:

my address.

my email

We always do the best we can in our power to resolve any problems.
Customer service satisfaction is very important to us.

If the original package does turn up on your end, please let us know either way. That way we can update the postal services.

Thank you for your wonderful cooperation.
Again we apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

We will always do the best we can for you.


On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 10:12 PM, Jo Ling (my email) wrote:

I would like to inform you that I have received the lashes 2 weeks ago but I have yet to receive the lens. Did it get lost somewhere during shipping? Thanks!

See? Aren't they nice?

So, let's move on to the parcel!

Remember that the lashes were sent from Canada? This time, the lenses were sent from Korea!

Below are the pictures:

Can you see the details? Probably not but yea...the parcel is from Korea!

The lenses and also a lens cover. They were actually bubble wrapped but I got too excited again...That I forgot to take a pic before ripping the bubble wraps.

Here's a picture to show the colour I chose. BLUE! My most fav colour!

Stay tune for a review on the lenses! 

1shopping.com.my haul


Remember my post on 1shopping.com.my?

Well, I finally received it right after my vent post on Kangaroo.

Here goes!

This was how the parcel was wrapped. Notice the cellophane tape with 1shopping's logo and name all plastered over it?

This parcel contained all the items except the face steamer/sprayer. 

This is the thing in the box in case you were wondering what was in it. I got this since I needed a face steamer and was searching for it. Coincidentally, found this on their site.

This is the Small new dish sponge hair / ball head / bud head / disk hair stick.
 also commonly known as Xinrong curler. (did u know i had to look for this just to know the name. lol )

This is the Second Generation Magic Sticker
 I actually need this to hold up my fringe while I'm doing masks and so on. It's actually really effective!

This is the 
Original Detox Foot Paste ‖♣♣ ‖- 1 pair/RM 0.69
 Although I can't say much for the effectiveness yet since I have not tried this yet. Will do a review on this later on.

This is the earplugs! Why did I buy this? I don't really know. i just always wanted earplugs that when I saw this, I immediately bought it. Plus, it was only RM0.80.

Oh and also my varsity jacket which you can read all about it here.

Stay tune for more posts on the items above!

Cheap & Good Quality Varsity Jacket in Malaysia

UPDATE: They now have a new site which sells this jacket at a cheaper price!


I don't know when and how it started but I suddenly want to wear varsity jackets.

Ok, I lied. I know how. It's probably because of my overexposure to running man!

You do watch running man right?

It's the most awesome variety show there is!

Let's get back to topic!

What colour did I buy?

Cream! With black sleeves!

I even chose with the R initial just so it represents Running man. LOL! 

How much did I get it for?

You won't believe your eyes!


Very reasonable price right?


Cotton! And it's so thick! The quality is very good.

Let's see the bad side.

I think the buttons are very loosely sewed on. Like very loosely!

And the size is not accurate.

But they did warned us in their site. 

I ordered size L just coz I really love big and loose outfits, especially jackets.

Turns out it is kinda like a very very small size M.

Is it stretchable? Only the tip of the sleeve, collar and bottom of the jacket. Mostly parts that have black n cream coloured lines. 

Now the most important part!

Where did I get this awesome varsity jacket?

Wanna know more about this awesome site? Read here!

Pretty sure most people will ask this question:
Where to get cheap varsity jacket in Malaysia?

So, yup! I answered that question in this post.

Hope that I helped!

p.s. will post a pic of my jacket soon! stay tune!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Super Disappointed with Kangaroo Courier Service


As you all know, I've recently made a purchase with 1shopping.com.my.
For more info, read it here

Ever heard of this courier service? I'm sure you have. In Malaysia, we have tons of courier service like PosLaju, FedEx, GDEx, Skynet amd so on.

Kangaroo is one of them.

Below is a picture of how it looks like.

So, I can't be too sure about other people but I can definitely say for myself that this service is so bad!

I mean, I've used their service only twice and both times, let's just say, BAD!

I don't even think their service is cheap to begin with. Even if it is, it's not THAT CHEAP!

Their service is so slow! Like real real slow!

Tracking service is horrible as well.

Grammar used in their tracking system is bad as well, not that I care much about grammar.

I've purchased items from 1shopping.com.my and they've posted my parcel back in monday.

Guess what?

It's already Thursday and  I still haven't gotten my parcel.

This is totally not shopping.com.my's fault. Not at all. They are absolutely kind and very entertaining to all sorts of enquiries.

But I can't say the same about Kangaroo.

I will NEVER EVER use Kangaroo for my customers. That's for sure.

Did you know that I always use PosLaju and I've never once been let down. and if PosLaju is the one that delivers, I would have gotten it on Tuesday. 

But Kangaroo? Only used twice and disappointed both times. 

Do you want to use Kangaroo? Feel free to use, it's really up to you.

To any Kangaroo staffs reading this, I'm very sorry for condemning your company but I am really very disappointed. Please upgrade yourselves. Thank you!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Made a purchase from 1shopping.com.my

1shopping.com.my: Malaysia Online Shopping Mall for Fashion,Apparel,Bag,Shoe and more


As you can see the pic above, I've recently made a purchase from their site.

Items aren't here yet but when they do arrive, I will do a review on the items.

Just to let you have an idea on the website, I'll copy and paste their about us section right here.

About Us

1shopping.com.my is a Malaysia Online Shopping Heaven. We believe with e-commerce operation model, the middleman process can be cut off and we can reward the cost saved to our customers and provide high satisfactory level of customer service. In this one-stop Malaysia Online Shopping portal, the product category we sell include Book, Men/Woman Shoe, Men/Women clothing, Kids clothing, Men/Women bag ,Baby Product, Creative Item,Accessories,and Present.

User-Experience/ Customer-Oriented
1shopping.com.my has already to set up a "Pick up center" for the ease of collection. In order to provide convenient for online shopping customers to do enquiry and online shopping without time and location barrier, we provide "Hotline" and professional online customer services, which include "Live Chat and Email" service. The very first objective of our company is to maximizing customer satisfaction to shop online rather than maximizing profit, thus we do have "Low Price Guarantee" and "100% Satisfactory Guarantee" policy.

Legally Registered Company
1shopping.com.my is WANT SHOPPING Enterprise (001881881-H ) company's online shopping portal . We're legally registered with the SSM, thus you could shopping online with us confidently. We will always update new products where most of it are ready stock.

Anyways, their option for delivery is quite vast. Unlike most websites who never even give you the delivery options, they do!

You may even opt for COD or Self collection.

The BEST part bout this site is the low price. They even guarantee their prices. As in if you are able to find the same item but of lower price somewhere, you can always tell them.

Below is the guarantee of their low prices:

1shopping.com.my offers you "Low Price Guarantee". If you have made an order through 1shopping.com.my, show us that you could purchase the same items at a lower price that is viewable on another website, we will either match that price or beat the priceIn addition, we will refund you the price differences.
To keep our efforts to become market leader, we now encourage you report to us at enquiry@1shopping.com.my. If you discover other website selling lower price than us and you can get RM3 voucher

If you already place order can submit a Claim
Email us at enquiry@1shoppoing.com.my
- Write your order ID in the subject line
- Provide the URL of the website where you found the better rate
- Provide a screenshot of the competitor site in which the items you found
- PLEASE NOTE: You don't need to make an order on the competitor website, just show us the comparison

Terms and Conditions
1.. The following conditions must apply:
- Exactly the same items
- The items must be available for instant purchase and it is not a pre-order items.

2. The Low Price Guarantee does not apply to the following conditions, such as:
- Packaged or promotional rates
- Items sold as part of promotional package such as "purchase for purchase"
- Prices that are not available to the general public, which include:
- Bulk Purchase or Wholesale Price which is meant for Business-to-business
- Group purchase

3. 1shopping.com.my has the right and discretion to determine the validity of any claim, including but not limited to, determining that it is for the same items, if the product offers are meant for promotional rate, and Claims processing requirements.

Any questions regarding claims should be directed to our Customer Service team.

Interesting and so worth it right?

Not so sure of their delivery speed and everything yet since I have not received my parcel. Look forward to my next post on the items form 1shopping.com.my 

Want to know what I got?

Here's a preview:

1 xMJC0090 Korean stand-up collar baseball varsity jacket
  - Size: L
  - Code: 7
1 xCI1100 Anti-noise Earplug/pairRM0.80
1 xSKG EBA250 Steamed Spray Face Machine Beauty InstrumentRM99.00
3 xOriginal Detox Foot Paste ‖♣♣ ‖- 1 pair/RM 0.69RM2.07
1 xCIK266 Second Generation Magic StickerRM1.10
1 xCIK034 Small new dish sponge hair / ball head / bud head / disk hair stickRM1.50

Friday, November 16, 2012

Where to get cheap & yummy chocolates in Malaysia


If you were wondering where to get quality chocs but at a cheap price, you probably won't guess it's this shop I'm about to mention.



YES! you did not see wrongly! Yes yes. I know that shop is high class and you probably won't think the chocs are cheap but here's a lil secret.

Check out the chocs section and look at the ones with the reduce to clear labels.

The expiry date isn't even near...it's like a year later.

If you were wondering why they are selling the chocs cheap, it's because they are Halloween chocs. 

And only a month, ok not even a month, but Halloween is over. So, they are selling it real cheap! Like 50% off.

Here's a look at some of the chocs I bought:

ok....this isn't a reduce to clear choc but I think it;s only RM11.90 which is like really cheap for white choc bar which has like traces of vanilla beans in it. super yummy!

This was supposedly RM19.90 but it is now only RM10. Cheap rite? And super delicious! Like seriously! wanna take a  closer look at the eyeball? Look below!

Here's a closer view of the eyeball. Interesting and yummy! I LOVE CHOCS SO MUCH!!!!

Interesting choc lollies rite? Guess how much? Only RM5 for 4 lollies in a pack!
Plus, they are super good quality choc!

This side view pic is to proof that there are indeed 4 lollies in a pack!

Chocs at Marks & Spencer are always super good!

Now, better with this awesome deal!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to make satay pizza?


I had satay pizza for lunch today!

It was so YUM that I had to post about it.

When did this craving started?

Well, it started only this year, 2 months ago? My dad and I went to Putrajaya and we stayed at Shangri-la Hotel. We were too exhausted from travelling all the way from Penang by car that we decided on room service for dinner.

I don't usually eat pizza but I scanned the menu and couldn't decide. So, I just randomly picked a page and saw Satay Pizza. I was like....hmm.....this might taste good since I LOVE SATAY!

So, the subsequent few minutes was the time I tasted heaven.

I took a bite and instantly became a fan of this new dish I found, SATAY PIZZA!

Enough with my story, Let's proceed to steps on making the satay pizza!

What you need:
Pizza base
olive oil or cooking spray

chicken (fillet or diced)
satay sauce (this pic below isn't exactly the brand I used, but hey, this is just for reference)
fried garlic


1. Fry onions till they are soft. I like it that way!
2. Add in chicken
3. Add in satay sauce
4. Taste and modify to your liking
5. Spray a cooking tray with the cooking spray
6. Place the pizza base on the sprayed part
7. Add some fried garlic on top of the pizza base. I added ALOT just coz I LOVE Garlic!
8. Add the chicken, onion and satay sauce on top of the pizza base
9. Arrange accordingly
10. Put the tray  into the oven
11. Take the pizza out when you see that the base has turned into the perfect pizza colour
12. Slice the pizza any way you want
13. Feast!

So, you see! It's really easy to make when you already have all these ready made items in your local grocery store.
Up to you if you want to knead your own pizza dough.
Also, if you are up to it, make your own satay sauce as well.
Lazy? Just follow my steps! 
Guaranteed success and in a short period!

sorry for not posting any pics of the outcome. I was too hungry that I ate it all (with my siblings of course) without taking any pics of this awesome tasting pizza!

Need A Personal Shopper for Etude House products?


Do you want to get Etude House Products but they are just unavailable in your neck of the woods? Or too lazy to go shop by yourself?

I'm here for you!

How much do I charge?
 Retail Price + 10% for total less than RM150 + Postage

Any besides, Etude House is having a Christmas sales from 15th Nov till 31st Dec.

Prices are so much cheaper and even with my 10%, it's still cheaper than the normal price.

So, are you game?

Leave a comment here or email me at joubajoubawa@yahoo.com 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to make KFC's cheesy wedges!


Pretty sure you know how and where to get the wedges.

No? Just head over to any grocery stores and just pick any brand of wedges, to your liking of course!

But, do you know where to get the cheese sauce?

Read here! I've posted about it before.

It's so absolutely cheap and it gives you satisfaction! 

Pics? I'm a lazy person. So, will post the pics when I actually take the picture.

If you were wondering about the mayo, DON'T! The only thing I actually hate about KFC's cheesy wedges is the mayo.


Simply because you can actually add how much cheese sauce you want. Did you ever felt that the cheese sauce KFC gives is just not enough? Well, yea. So, there you have it.

How to make real homemade cheesy wedges?

What I meant by real? I meant not the fake refrigerated wedges.

It's actually really easy and probably healthier. 

So, how to make the wedges?

You may just modify the way of making it and all but I'll just tell you my way of making.

What I need:
Washed potatoes

Potato spice

zip lock bag
olive oil

1. wash the washed potatoes and cut it into wedges shaped. the key: you actually want the bits of skin for the wedges feel.
2. Place the wedges into a zip lock bag filled with olive oil & sprinkle potato spice all over.
3. Pour the wedges out onto a tray and sprinkle more potato spice if you want.
4. Pop the tray into the oven.

That's It!

Any question, feel free to ask by commenting or email me at joubajoubawa@yahoo.com 

Btw, I got all the things needed at Cold Storage, Gurney Plaza. For things that can't be found there, I suggest the bigger Cold Storage which is at Island Plaza. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

sweet orange hand salve


Are your hand dry and chapped? Looking for good hand creams? Don't want chemicals in your hand creams? Then, welcome! 

This post is about hand salves, more importantly, homemade chemical free hand salves!

Are you ready?

If you are not ready, listen to this short story of mine on why I'm writing this post. I promise you that it is super short!


Today, my parcel came! Yes, I ordered it on Friday. Wanna know more, read here.

So, are you ready now?


Let's begin!

What you need?
1. Olive oil

2. Beeswax
the yellow beads is the beeswax

3. Sweet orange essential oil  (didn't take a pic of this yet!)

Don't know where to get them? Don't worry! I will post a link at the bottom of the post.

1. Measure 1/8 cups of beeswax and 1/2 cup olive oil.
2. Mix them in a double boiler.
3. Once beeswax is completely melted, let the mixture cool down.
4. When the mixture is warm, not hot, add in 5-7 drops of sweet orange essential oil.
5. Pour mixture into a glass container and let it cool.

And that's it!

For double boiler, I just used my Pyrex measuring jug n place it in a steamboat pot filled with water.
For the essential oil, you may actually use any essential oil of your choice but since my title is sweet orange, so yea.
You may also add in vitamin E if u want.

The best thing about homemade things, you get to decide what goes in!

Will post pictures later when I'm on my computer. iPad just doesn't let you upload pics to your blog.

as for olive oil, you can just find it in your everyday grocery store. I got mine from Cold Storage!

Result: I actually got a cut on my finger which hurts so bad, without much thinking, I immediately applied this hand salve. Guess what? It didn't hurt anymore! And it actually looks like it has already healed! Impressive right? So, why don't you try it?

Btw, I might consider selling this for people who are lazy to make it. So, if you are currently residing in Malaysia, do email me at joubajoubawa@yahoo.com if you are interested. Trust me, I will not put a high price.