Friday, November 23, 2012

Takeaway Special: Mochi Sweets Gurney Plaza


Ever notice a small lil shop selling mochis near Cold Storage when you walk around Gurney Plaza? I did! Which brings me to post about it.

I bought the 12 pcs set which is RM40. Expensive? Not really, considering the size and we all know Japanese mochis are never cheap!

Below are pics of the mochis and the bag and box and so on:

Pic of the paper bag! Looks really nice even when the bag is just plain black and white.

View of box inside paper bag!

View of box after lifting the lid open!

View of box lid!

Ok...I tried to rotate this pic countless of times but it just won't rotate.
List of flavours!

The mochis beneath the flavour listed paper!

The mochis after taking the plastic sheet away!

This is cream chocolate! Notice the 3 different layers? Well, the outer layer is of course the mochi skin which  taste like glutinous rice skin, not even sure if I'm describing it right.
The layer after that is the paste layer. Like red bean paste but this one has chocolate paste, like in mooncakes.
The most inner layer is the cream part. 

This is the caramel macchiato. 
won't describe the layers anymore since you pretty much already get it.

Wanna have a taste? Head over to Gurney Plaza! You can get one pcs for RM4 if I'm not mistaken. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that the box containing 12 pcs is priced at RM40 right? The flavours are already fixed. If you want to choose your own flavours, it won't be RM40, It'll be RM40++. 

Hope you enjoy this post! See ya later!
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