Friday, November 23, 2012

1shopping.com.my haul


Remember my post on 1shopping.com.my?

Well, I finally received it right after my vent post on Kangaroo.

Here goes!

This was how the parcel was wrapped. Notice the cellophane tape with 1shopping's logo and name all plastered over it?

This parcel contained all the items except the face steamer/sprayer. 

This is the thing in the box in case you were wondering what was in it. I got this since I needed a face steamer and was searching for it. Coincidentally, found this on their site.

This is the Small new dish sponge hair / ball head / bud head / disk hair stick.
 also commonly known as Xinrong curler. (did u know i had to look for this just to know the name. lol )

This is the Second Generation Magic Sticker
 I actually need this to hold up my fringe while I'm doing masks and so on. It's actually really effective!

This is the 
Original Detox Foot Paste ‖♣♣ ‖- 1 pair/RM 0.69
 Although I can't say much for the effectiveness yet since I have not tried this yet. Will do a review on this later on.

This is the earplugs! Why did I buy this? I don't really know. i just always wanted earplugs that when I saw this, I immediately bought it. Plus, it was only RM0.80.

Oh and also my varsity jacket which you can read all about it here.

Stay tune for more posts on the items above!
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