Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Super Disappointed with Kangaroo Courier Service


As you all know, I've recently made a purchase with 1shopping.com.my.
For more info, read it here

Ever heard of this courier service? I'm sure you have. In Malaysia, we have tons of courier service like PosLaju, FedEx, GDEx, Skynet amd so on.

Kangaroo is one of them.

Below is a picture of how it looks like.

So, I can't be too sure about other people but I can definitely say for myself that this service is so bad!

I mean, I've used their service only twice and both times, let's just say, BAD!

I don't even think their service is cheap to begin with. Even if it is, it's not THAT CHEAP!

Their service is so slow! Like real real slow!

Tracking service is horrible as well.

Grammar used in their tracking system is bad as well, not that I care much about grammar.

I've purchased items from 1shopping.com.my and they've posted my parcel back in monday.

Guess what?

It's already Thursday and  I still haven't gotten my parcel.

This is totally not shopping.com.my's fault. Not at all. They are absolutely kind and very entertaining to all sorts of enquiries.

But I can't say the same about Kangaroo.

I will NEVER EVER use Kangaroo for my customers. That's for sure.

Did you know that I always use PosLaju and I've never once been let down. and if PosLaju is the one that delivers, I would have gotten it on Tuesday. 

But Kangaroo? Only used twice and disappointed both times. 

Do you want to use Kangaroo? Feel free to use, it's really up to you.

To any Kangaroo staffs reading this, I'm very sorry for condemning your company but I am really very disappointed. Please upgrade yourselves. Thank you!
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