Thursday, November 1, 2012

Unrefined shea butter


NOTE: They've relocated to somewhere else. For more info, do email me at joubajoubawa@yahoo.com  I've found 2 online shops with similar pricing or maybe cheaper. :P

Ever wonder where to get shea butter in Penang?

Well, I did!

It's not easy to find things in Malaysia, let alone tiny lil Penang.

If you stay in Penang, most stuff, you can only get by ordering online and that'll lead to extra shipping cost which is around RM6 for items below 500g.

So, back to the topic.

So, i've recently discovered this online blogshop which sells unrefined shea butter at a very very good price.

And lucky me, they seem to supply their materials to a shop in Penang.

Price: RM40 for 500g & RM70 for 1kg.

Why I want unrefined shea butter and not refined?

Simply because unrefined has all the healing properties and minerals and so on so forth but it is at a lower price!

They sell other things too like essential oils, essence, soap base, beeswax, base oils and absolutely everything you need to make soaps, lip balms, creams and so on. Get the idea?

So, where to find this shop?

Name: Stellen

It is located at 32A, Abu Siti Lane. Know where's that?

It's a road right before Red Rock Hotel Penang. If you're not familiar with Red Rock Hotel. as a Penangite, I'm pretty sure everyone knows the famous Red Bowl White Curry Mee? Well, it's somewhere near there. It's on the same road.

Btw, their sign isn't very obvious. It's name is Stellen. It has a signboard with an apple on it. And it;s not that easy to find while driving.

Good point: Ample space for parking!

Reason why they have lots of parking space is probably because it's a bungalow.
Still unclear? Leave a comment here and I'll get back to you real soon!

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