Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanks for reviews on the net!


I have always googled everything I need to know. 

Have you?

Everytime I want to purchase anything, I would read reviews about the product.

This method is really awesome and prevents us from wasting money.

Since, you can't ask the sellers directly about the cons of the products, you can always google for a review or ask the buyers directly about their feedbacks.

Have you done that?

Likewise, I wanted to get the Miyome cream and also the tooth whitening powder but thanks to bloggers who reviewed them, I've decided not to.

Yes, you do read good reviews but sometimes the bloggers are actually being sponsored and won't actually tell the whole truth. Not their fault though. They're just being courteous. If they were to condemn a product that was sponsored to them, well, that's highly unlikely. 

So, do you want good reviews?

Go read from a blog that isn't sponsored. Agree?

So, I really have to say "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" to all bloggers with their very honest reviews which helped me so much in life!

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