Monday, November 26, 2012

A no pic post: Tainan Restaurant, midlands Penang


Read on if you wanna know about the best Taiwanese food in Penang!

How i found this awesome place?

Story: So, I was craving for Taiwanese food, especially Taiwanese pork chop. Googled Taiwanese food in Penang and eventually found several food blogs featuring Tainan Restaurant at midlands park. Did I get the name of the mall correct? I think so. So sis, bro and I drove there. Don't really know the location of the restaurant in the mall. We went up to the 4th floor and boy, was that mall deserted or what? We scanned the 4th floor and couldn't find it. Went to the other side. We saw Taiwanese fast food which was located at the 1st floor. Went to the 1st floor. Was about to go in when my sis asked me whether that was the right shop. I was sure it wasnt but couldn't care less. Wanted to go n but sis pulled me. She said the Taiwanese fast food place looked expensive. So we walked further down by 3 shops or so and there it was! I was like, it's this one! We walked in and the person welcomed us. 

The place:  I didn't know this but the kitchen is actually outside where u can actually see the person cooking and making drinks and such. 

Menu: I ordered pork chop rice, RM7 & pearl milk tea, RM3.50. Sis ordered braised pork rice, RM5 & pearl milk tea as well. Bro ordered chicken chop noodles, RM9.50 & chocolate milk tea, RM3.50. 

Taste: The pork chop rice was yummy beyond my imagination. The BEST Taiwanese pork chop rice in Penang. Milk tea was awesome. 

Tax & service charge: NONE!

Parking: ample! It is a shopping mall. So yea. There's parking.

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