Friday, November 23, 2012

Cheap & Good Quality Varsity Jacket in Malaysia

UPDATE: They now have a new site which sells this jacket at a cheaper price!


I don't know when and how it started but I suddenly want to wear varsity jackets.

Ok, I lied. I know how. It's probably because of my overexposure to running man!

You do watch running man right?

It's the most awesome variety show there is!

Let's get back to topic!

What colour did I buy?

Cream! With black sleeves!

I even chose with the R initial just so it represents Running man. LOL! 

How much did I get it for?

You won't believe your eyes!


Very reasonable price right?


Cotton! And it's so thick! The quality is very good.

Let's see the bad side.

I think the buttons are very loosely sewed on. Like very loosely!

And the size is not accurate.

But they did warned us in their site. 

I ordered size L just coz I really love big and loose outfits, especially jackets.

Turns out it is kinda like a very very small size M.

Is it stretchable? Only the tip of the sleeve, collar and bottom of the jacket. Mostly parts that have black n cream coloured lines. 

Now the most important part!

Where did I get this awesome varsity jacket?

Wanna know more about this awesome site? Read here!

Pretty sure most people will ask this question:
Where to get cheap varsity jacket in Malaysia?

So, yup! I answered that question in this post.

Hope that I helped!

p.s. will post a pic of my jacket soon! stay tune!
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