Thursday, February 13, 2014

Haul from nile.com.my (February)


This is my 2nd time ordering from nile.com.my 

Order process:
Ordered & Paid: 9/2/14
Shipped out: 10/2/14
Received: 11/2/14

What I ordered:
1 xcmhn27716 Korean DIY Beauty SetRM4.20
1 xcmhn27591 iphone4 paper notes iRM3.20
1 xMCSAX62351 Lion V NecK Tee
  - Size: M
1 xcib29128 Multi Purpose Pouch / Card Holder
  - Color: Green
1 xMCSAX62369 European Sytel Quality Tee
  - Size: M
1 xcmhn25101 Economical mini compressed towel (10 pcs / bag)RM3.00
1 xMCSAX62484 Wolf Tee Shirt
  - Size: M
1 xcmhn8750 Seamless Magic Hair Bands (Two pieces)RM0.80
1 xwabe88668 EaringRM2.90
1 xwabe64046 Butterfly Earing
  - Color: Silver
1 xwabe39021 Pearl Design Elegant Earing
  - Color: Gold
1 xwabe25037 EaringRM1.60
1 xwabe17418 Earing
  - Color: Gold
1 xwabn14782 Elegant NecklaceRM1.90
1 xwazohp9473 Sweet Butterfly ColorFul Bob
  - Color: Light Blue
Billing Information
Billing Address
Payment Method
Bank Transfer
Sub-Total:RM 103.10
GDEX (Penisular) [Free]RM 0.00
TotalRM 103.10


Here are some pictures of the items. Not all items were photographed since some are for my sister & also my mom. So, only my things will be shown ok?

First, is the Korean DIY kit. It's for making masks. I've always wanted one since I've actually been using baking utensils for making masks instead & that's pretty unhygienic right?

This one below is the towel compress which I just wanted to try. :P

The earrings which I got. A girl can never have too many earrings. :D

For clearer picture, I took out all the earring from the plastic bags & store them in these little jewellery gift boxes.  Look so dainty with black backdrop right?

What I like:
  • I love that the whole process was so fast! Like you pay today & they process n ship the very next day!
  • I like that delivery was so so so fast. I really dislike delivery within Malaysia which takes more than 2 days. 
  • I love that they email me regarding the tracking number. It's such a fuss to actually log in to you account just to check the tracking number. So, I really love this part. 
  • Things there are CHEAP! Like seriously, this is like a malaysian version of Taobao or something.
  • I like that they included a detailed invoice so I can check if anything is missing 

  • parcel was torn in the middle. Thank god nothing was damaged or missing.
  • earrings should all be placed in a little gift looking sort of bag since they are small. They were just stuffed in the parcel along with all the things. Not really organised.

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