Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hishop.my Haul ( February 2014)


I kind of change the format of my haul post just for this post to summarise the whole thing.

Order process
Ordered & paid: 10/2/14
Shipped out: 15/2/14
Received:  17/2/14

What I ordered:
Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Make-Up Brush Set - Black (7 pcs)HQR-10010201RM29.521RM29.52
Hahaway Mibb Oil PaperHHA-10010101RM10.001RM10.00
Deoproce Cover Stick Foundation Concealer #21 Natural BeigeHDE-10420101RM14.951RM14.95
Antipodes Organic Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream (Sample)HAT-101601SARM0.001RM0.00
Charmzone Albatross Powder Sun 4ml (Sample)HCH-101201SARM0.001RM0.00
What I like:

  • More than like, I actually love the fact that they have the point system. Because of the point system, I save ALOT! Check out the total before & after using points. 
Before: RM54.47
After: RM35.93
Points used: 1854
And did you know that the points are really easy to earn?

  • As compared to last year, they certainly have introduce more brands. You can find so so so many brands on their site. 
  • A very detailed invoice included
  • Products were bubble wrapped, only the concealer wasn't.
  • they included a RM20 voucher. 
  • Everything was in a box. i did mention how I LOVE online shops which delivers in boxes right?


  • Based on the service, I actually prefer last year's. Paid on the 29th & they actually shipped it out the very next day. This year however, paid on the 10th but they still haven't ship it out when they could have on the 11,12,13 & 14. Quite disappointed in this aspect.
  • As for the free samples, last year, you can actually choose 3 samples out of so many choices. This year however, you can only choose 2 out of 6-9 choices. 
  • Concealer wasn't bubble wrapped. That's not a sample. It should be bubble wrapped. 

Would I repurchase from this site?
Based on my order this time, I might not actually want to shop at Hishop anymore. I mean, there are more online shops out there which have the same brands or more that actually offer better service in terms of delivery. What I absolutely love about an online shop is its delivery speed & service. If those aspects do not meet a certain requirement, that just puts me off right away.

I might purchase from here only if I have more points? Right now I only have 35 points left which is really worth nothing. 

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