Friday, August 31, 2012

Personalized Box of Chocolates

Previously in the month of June, I didn't know what to get for my mom's birthday. I mean, she has everything and whatever that she doesn't have, I can't afford. Thank god I found out about CHOCOLATE PASSION CHOCOLATE CAFE! I went to their facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chocolate-Passion/405397266138800?ref=stream

Ok. I didn't go to that page. Initially, I went to their other facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Choc-Artisan/178496425511110
This was where I came up with the idea of actually getting my mom a box of personalised chocolates! 

I thought, it's actually really nice and who can actually say no to chocolates? And knowing my mom, she LOVES chocolates!!! 

So, I contacted choc artisan by facebook message. And obviously, I enquired and all. Callin is the owner and she was the one that replied me. Very efficient! Found out that a box with silver plate cost RM145 and a box with gold plate cost RM155. You get to write any messages you want on the box. Technically, you just give them the message you want and they engrave the message for you. Oh, and they design for you and email you to choose which design you want. 

Box of chocolates! 

Did I mention there are 15 pcs of choc inside the box? 

You can actually get a normal box of 15 pcs of chocs but I wanted it to be special for my mommy dearest! After finishing the chocs, she's actually using the box to keep her rings and earrings. So, I pretty much killed 2 birds with a stone. I gave my mom delicious chocs, like seriously delicious, and a box with special engraving for her to keep forever! 

Want more info? What better way to know than from the owner herself? Just head over to their cafe at Straits Quay or visit their facebook page where you can message them and they'll be sure to answer you! 

p.s. I did say this was way back in June. Therefore, I have lost the pics of the interior of the box. 

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