Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fat Arms are such a disadvantage!

Have you ever had FAT arms? I do! It really is a super super BIG disadvantage. (crying right now!) I never actually mind until a few days ago. I won this dress from a giveaway. My family were surprised i got a parcel and thought that I did online shopping again. I took the dress and tried it out coz yea, I've never worn a dress before. ONE PROBLEM! I looked weird! But, at that point, I really didnt know what made me look weird. I thought it was only the unusual-ness of never actually wearing a dress. I mean, if you've never seen a person wearing make up and you suddenly saw that person wearing it one day, you would feel weird. That was what I initially thought. Then, I showed it to my mom! She was like "You dont look good in that!" i mean, to actually hear that coming from my mom. Like WTH! She added, " People with fat arms shouldn't wear clothing like that!" I was so sad! I mean, Im sure we've all heard that every parent think their children are pretty even when they are actually terribly ugly. My mom, told me I had FAT arms! She even added that I should give that dress to my sister. I was like "WHAT!?!"

Point 2: When you have fat arms, you dont look good in any normal shirts. and yes, i mean it! Even normal t-shirts make you look fat! Practically anything you wear would just make you look fat and sad.

P.S. I've been doing 100 sit-ups everyday + 100 half sit-ups for like 2 weeks already? and yea yea, i know sit-ups are only for the abs.....but basically, I only started doing them after I weighed myself and found out I gained 4 kg!

no pics on my fat arms! they're sore to the public's eyes!
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