Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chocolate Passion Chocolate Cafe

Do you like chocolates? Are you currently in Penang? If you have answered yes to both questions, do head over to Chocolate Passion Chocolate Cafe at Straits Quay. Do you know that this is the first ever chocolate cafe in Penang? well, even if you didn't, you have now found out!

This is the view of the shop when you walk from Royal Selangor.

This is the front view of the shop

This is how the inside of the shop containing chocs look like

Some of the chocs on display

Another pic of chocs on display

BTW, these pics are all stolen from their facebook page. :P
For better and clear pics and also more detailed info and such, do head over to their facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chocolate-Passion/405397266138800

And this here, is about the only pic I took! It's called Smokie Hot Chocolate! It's priced at RM16.50. Comes with a chocolate spoon as well! :D 

They actually have like four other choices of hot chocs ( plus, they're cheaper than the smokie hot choc). If I'm not mistaken, the other hot chocs are cinnamon hot choc, chili hot choc, marshmallow hot choc and also chocolate affogato. They do have other things like chocolate pizza, chocolate fondue and many more chocolatey desserts. They have ice blended as well!

Two more pics stolen from their facebook page! :P

did I mention they do customized box of chocs? Well, I'll post regarding that some other time. I did order one for my mom's birthday previously but the pics aren't with me right now. So, yea. Do check this place out as it is quite cool! And also, you wont be disappointed. Stay tuned for my next post regarding a personalised box of chocolates!

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