Thursday, November 13, 2014

Review: Beta Salic 2.0


Did you guys miss me? Guess not. :P

I'm back with a review that was in the draft section which explains why I can even upload any pics.

I'm reviewing this product which has been mentioned on WishtrendTv countless of times. 
By the way, in case you never heard of WishtrendTv, it's a youtube channel which was created by Wishtrend and focusses on Korean beauty trend and such. 

Product Info:

Product: Beta Salic 2.0
Brand: Chica Y Chico
Size: 30ml
Price: USD23.90
Where to buy: Wishtrend.com



If I were to describe the texture, it would be film-like gel. Film like is pretty much the aftereffect. Colourless when applied like all gels.  


Hard to describe. It doesn't smell nice. Let's just say it smells like acid. 


Day 1: Stinging felt on areas with pimples
Day 2: Stinging reduced but still there
Day 3: no more stinging
Day 4~7: same as Day 3, nothing.
Sorry for no before and after pics because seriously, I didn't see any effect whatsoever. 


Skin felt smooth the very next day


Small size
Does absolutely nothing
Doesn't do what it claims


This is one of those products which is over-exaggerated. I can't speak for everyone but I'll speak for myself. This is SO PRICEY for something that does nothing. Save your money folks!

Will I repurchase?:

Hell no!

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