Sunday, September 23, 2012

A No Pic Post: AHMO restaurant Penang

I didn't take any pics at all. Which is why I'm writing this post as a no pic post. Anyways, ambiance is really nice. Surrounding and environment and absolutely everything from service, to furniture are absolute wonderful.

So, anyways, food is cheap! Like really, really cheap! One thing for sure is their drinks suck! I had ice peach tea which is bloody hell expensive, RM5.90 for a lame small glass tea which is almost tasteless. I seriously thought something was off when I walked in the restaurant and there was no customers. I mean, when you look at everything else other than the drinks, it's worth it. Back to the ickiness and expensiveness of the drinks, my bro & sis both ordered milkshakes. Presentation was ok. They even gave 3 marshmallows on a stick. It was priced at RM9.90. You would think that the milkshake is nice. But, NO! My bro said that it wasn't even milkshake. It was ice blended which was tasteless. So, there you go. RM19.80 down the drain.

In terms of variety in the menu, well, I would say there's ALOT of choice.

Food: I ordered chicken cordon bleu, it was spelled GORDON on the menu. Priced at RM12.90. Portion was small. It came with lots of vege, mash potato, oh and sauce on the chicken but it wasn't that nice. You know the feeling when you eat too much of something, then you just force yourself with the rest. I had that feeling even after only a few mouths. Hard to digest. Mash potato was very very plain. No taste except the taste of potato, rather plain.

Bro ordered lasagna. He said it was awesome! Price: RM12.90. I didn't taste it so I wouldn't know but he said it tasted like the lasagna our older sis used to make for us before she left for uni. If what he said is true, then the lasagna must REALLY REALLY be GOOD! Coz my sister's lasagna is the best lasagna I ever tasted.

Sis ordered chicken chop. It doesn't look appetizing with corns on top. I HATE CORNS! The side dish was similar to my chicken cordon bleu. I didn't taste this as well so I can't judge. I only judged based on my dislike for corns.

Total came up to RM60.40.

No addtional charge like service charge or government tax. AWESOME!

This place is located a few houses away from Harvest In. BTW, in terms of price, Harvest In is still cheaper.

Address: No. 2, irrawaddy road, 10500 penang

Business Hours:
Mon-Fri     8-3, 6-10
Sat             11-3, 6-10
Sun (Closed)

Contact info

The info above is copy and pasted from their facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/ahmopenang/info

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