Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sibling Hatred!

If you read my about me section, you will definitely not miss my dislike stating BROTHER! Yes, I do hate him, ALOT! Who else hates their brother? I personally can't stop hating him. I have lots of siblings but I do not hate any of them, only my brother. Just thinking but are all brothers so irritatingly annoying and bratty and spoilt and whatever you can think of? Or am I the only one with such a pain in the butt brother?

I'll admit that there were times I actually wanna be nice but right when I'm being nice, he would just make you hate him a few minutes after that by doing something so stupid. Like seriously. Whatever happen to brothers you see in movies? Or in a more brutal and cruel and realistic world, whatever happen to brothers that other people seem to actually like? Why can't I have a brother like those? Haiz! Whenever I talk or think about him, I just seem to stress even more. And believe me, I don't stress. He's about the only thing in life that makes me stress.
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