Wednesday, September 26, 2012

cake decorating magazine

So excited and happy that this mag is finally here in Malaysia! Yes! You heard it right. This mag can be bought in Malaysia.

If you haven't already bought this, what are you waiting for? Issue one is at a very special price of RM4.90 the usual price is actually RM14.90! So, head over to popular bookstore! I bought mine from Gurney Plaza. It wasn't at the magazine corner. It was at the baking and cooking book section. So, if you're looking for it at the gurney branch, head over to the baking section!

Oh, and did u know that after you buy issue one, there would be a subscription form where you can subscribe to the mag with extra benefits!

Free delivery to your doorstep
Never miss an issue
Free extra 4 items
Free one issue.

So worth it right?

I've subscribed!

You wouldn't wanna miss out on this awesome and beneficial offer!

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