Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cake Decorating subscription not valid!

Was so extremely sad when i received this email:

Dear Ms. Seah Jo Ling

Thank you for your valued subscription to  partwork series,“ CAKE DECORATING”.

Kindly  be informed that Cake Decorating series is on test marketing. Allscript through the publisher will launch Cake Decorating in Feb 2013 supported by aggressive media blitz.  Under the test marketing, issue 1 to 4 will be on sale at the bookstores and newsstands and it will be suspended from distribution from issue 5 onwards. At issue 4, there will be an insert informing the customers of the suspension pending market review in further improving the product series in the Malaysia market place.

This announcement means that we will put your subscription on hold, pending the national launch in Feb 2013. Unless otherwise advised, please continue to purchase other issues up to issue 4 from the news trade or bookstores during the test marketing. We will then write to you on your subscription fulfilment come nearer the date of the national launch in Feb 2013. Going forward, you will therefore receive another free issue aside from all the free gifts sated in the subscription offer. Should you decide not to continue with the subscription prior to the national launch, Allscript undertakes to refund the full purchases that you had committed, subject to showing proof of purchases.

Should you need more clarification or information, kindly email or call  603 80233260. On behalf of the publisher, we appreciate your valued support and look forward to your patience and understanding.

Kind Regards,

I mean, I was looking forward to this email so that i can subscribe to the magazine. Who would have thought that it was under test marketing. Boohoo! 

Anyhow, I did secure issue 2 yesterday. This time, I got the mag from Book Zone which is located at Penang Plaza. You will definitely not be disappointed with this mag. Its awesome!

This is how penang plaza looks like if you don't already know: 
credits to www.penang-traveltips.com for this pic! 
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