Sunday, October 14, 2012

Use Human Diapers for Your Dogs. Step by step!


This is the diaper that I wear for my dogs! Mamypoko Easy Fit Pants! It's super easy to wear since it's actually just in like pants form. You don't have to wear it like normal diapers in a very complicated way. Easy as ABC!

Diaper I used for my dogs!

I have 2 female chow chows. The white one named Yuki is bigger. She wears XXL. The brown one named Beachan wears XL. 

cut that part for the tail!
credits to baobelinger.blogspot.com for the pic above!

As you can see, it's very easy to prepare a doggy diaper.

Step by step:
1. Buy an easy fit pants diaper
2. Cut out a section for the tail
3. Wear the diaper for your dog!

SEE? It's in 3 steps!

Get it? 

And after you have removed the diaper, remember to clean your dog's *cough cough*. You know what I mean...

So, by doing this, you actually save ALOT! why? Because they tend to put extremely high price on doggy diapers. Don't believe me? Go to any pet shop and ask the price for doggy diapers. You'll be shocked!

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