Friday, October 19, 2012

Moo Moo Cake ( Heart & Flour Bakery Penang )


Do you always go to Pulau Tikus area in Penang? yes? Then, you are in for a treat!

There's a bakery near Maybank which is called Heart & Flour

Below is a picture of how the entrance looks like:

2.5Kg of 5 Angry Bird Cakes made of Chocolate Sponge Cake With Blueberry FIlling @ Heart & Flour Bakery
Bakery Entance
Pic credit to everyday.com.my

Let's get to the topic, shall we?

Main topic: Moo Moo Cake

Why is it called Moo Moo Cake? Observe the pics below and you will know.

Box ( Front View)
Isn't the box so adorably cute? Sorry for the stains on the box. It was actually raining and I kinda got the box rained on.

Box (Top view)
See the tongue and the tail which pops out?

Box (Back View)
Even the back looks like a cow right?

Box ( Side View)
I only took picture of one side because both sides contain the same info. Can you see the info?
It says:
High Quality
Low Fat
Excellent Fiber

Storage temperature: 4-6 degree celcius 
Consume within 3 days

Open this lid
Above is how you should open the box. You lift up the lid which is in the form of a bell.

Cake (Top View)
See? You don't need an explanation on why it's called a Moo Moo Cake. The cake itself shows that its name is perfect!

Cake ( Side View)
This is how the cake looks like! It's actually a swiss roll. See the triangle ish part? That's the cream! Can you see that the cream is like overload? I love that part!

Absolutely delicious! It's so SOFT! The cream taste very milky. If you love milk, you will definitely love this! It's indeed a milk cake, as stated on the box, " The Finest Milk Cake". That statement is so very true! 

Info on bakery:
Heart & Flour
399, Burmah Road,
10350, Penang.
Business Hours:
Daily: 9.00am -6.00pm

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