Saturday, October 20, 2012

Analyzing Price for soap making essentials

WARNING: Don't read this post! It's just a rant post!

I've been doing my own lil research on soap making.

It's hard since most materials and all can easily be found in America but not in Malaysia.

Luckily, with the help of google, I managed to find 2 shops or is the proper term, online blogshops? Anyways, these 2 shops offer extremely reasonable price. But boy, was it hard to just find these shops. I've been google-ing recipes for soaps and also shea butter. why? Because the recipe i found for the soap requires shea butter but only 2 teaspoons. And I'm suppose to buy a minimum of 500g of shea butter just for the sake of 2 teaspoons? So, now I'm actually going through the price for these shops by individually listing out the size, material, price and so on. Imagine when a recipe requires lemongrass essential oil, I have to then google up other uses of the oil.

Soap making isn't tough but the process of comparing prices, knowing the uses of the essential oils, other uses of all the other ingredients, knowing the recipes, THAT is tough!

This post is just to rant out my frustrations, ok, wait, that's not even the right word. Should I say tiredness? or stress? Ok, this ranting has got to stop!

p.s. You may totally skip this post!
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