Monday, October 22, 2012

VIP Gold Super Plus Beblesh Balm 40g


Recently, I wrote about where to get cheap & authentic skin79 bb creams. If you haven't read it, you may read it here.

Well, guess what?

I got it today!

So, I may have been wrong regarding courier service, but nonetheless, it's still very fast and efficient! I stated that they used PosLaju but when i got my parcel today, it was Skynet. No worries! As long as it's fast!


Will post pics up sometime soon.
As promised, pics are right below:

front view of parcel

back view of parcel
Can you see how securely taped it is?

bubble wrapped bb cream
Look at the layers of bubble wraps!

front view of namecard inserted
Do check the website out!

back view of name card!
Here's a closer look at other ways to contact the seller.

bb cream!
Bb cream box! Whee~~~ So happy!

They secured the bb cream with a thick layer of bubble wrap. Very secured! Love that they took this extra step even though shipping is free. Even the envelope containing the bb cream was taped ALOT!


Yes, even when I claim they sell cheap & authentic, no harm in always checking right? They have proven me right once again. IT IS AUTHENTIC!

How to check?

Do click here!

Will post up pics soon and will do a post on the swatch and so on after i use it. Scratch that! I'm gonna do the swatch here.

Pic of bb cream bottle below:

front view of bb cream

back view of bb cream

p.s. Sorry that my photography skills suck like really bad. I won't blame it on my camera phone, it's just me and my lame skills. :P


top: skin79 pink label
bottom: skin79 gold label
this is a pic with flash.

left: pink label
right: gold label
this is a pic under sunlight. 

Actually, I don't see any difference, no matter how much i try to differentiate them.

Info regarding VIP Gold Super+ Beblesh Balm 40g:

SKIN79 Gold Label VIP Super Plus Beblesh Balm 40G
SKIN79 Gold Label VIP Super Plus Beblesh Balm 40G

With that much info in the pics above, I guess you don't need any explanation anymore. 
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