Sunday, October 21, 2012

Where to get cheap & authentic skin79 bb cream?


As stated in the title, I will be sharing with you where I get my Skin79 bb cream which is authentic and cheap.

As you know, it's not really that easy to find stuff in Malaysia.

Retail price for Skin79 Super+ BB cream Pink Label/ Vip Gold in Malaysia is roughly RM90. Even when they claim they are having a promotion, it will still be RM90 for 2. which then comes up to RM45 per bottle. That is quite ok if and only if you plan on purchasing 2 bottles. If you plan to buy only one, then it is not worth it.

So, back to the main topic.


I got mine from sales.bellezababe@gmail.com

Yes, you just email and purchase.

So, I got mine for RM39 including delivery right to my doorstep using PosLaju which is a speedy delivery system in Malaysia.

For more info on other brands of bb creams sold by this seller,
LYN Forum:

Just for your info, they do sell other things as well. So, go and have a look. Best part, they're all authentic.

p.s. I just purchased a skin79 VIP gold bb cream two days ago, they'll be sending it out today which means I'll get it tomorrow. Will post about it when i get it.

note: as of february 2013, they've hike up their price till RM45 per bottle which is just not worth it anymore. I've found a cheaper and authentic alternative. Will blog about that soon! do email me if you can't wait for my next post! I bought 2 bottles for the price of RM75!

UPDATE: I shall now reveal to you the cheaper yet authentic alternative! Head over to http://list.qoo10.my/item/SKIN79-SKIN79-1-1-GENUINE-AUTHENTIC-BB/408350459
Yup! It's Gmarket Korea. The products are all shipped to you directly from Korea. It might take time but so worth it! Why? Because they give you really really late expiry dates. The ones I just received have expiry dates of 2015! The one that I bought from Malaysia has an expiry date of the year you purchase. Look at the difference! Plus, you get free gifts! If you buy from Malaysia, absolutely no free gifts! One downside is that since it is shipped directly from Korea, give some time for delivery. I ordered and paid on the 22nd Feb, they processed and shipped it on the day itself. Received it on the 5th of March. So, if you are expecting to get it the next day, don't!

the small parcel! Everything was packed and wrapped neatly & so secured!

The items in the box. Lots of bubble wraps!

The bb creams!

So, that is all for now!

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