Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Review: Nivea Lip Butter (Raspberry Rose Kiss)


Have you read my recent post on my most recent iherb haul? No? Read all about it here.
Shall we proceed? First, a glance at the product:

Product Info:

Brand: Nivea
Product: Lip butter
Flavour/Scent: Raspberry Rose
Size: 16.7g
Price: USD4.39 (excluding shipping)
Where to buy: iHerb

Additional Info:
  • New
  • Seals in Long-Lasting Moisture
  • Shea Butter & Almond Oil
  • Indulge in the Sweetness of a Raspberry Rose Kiss
  • Touch and Be Touched
Everything we do is designed to achieve the ultimate kiss. We focus on quality, we use premium ingredients, we help lips become soft and smooth.
We make kissing better.
Suggested Use
To Use: Apply to lips to make kisses better.
Other Ingredients
Petrolatum, polyglyceryl-3 diisostearate, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, water, glycerin, glyceryl glucoside, BHT, titanium dioxide, red 7.
Caution: Stop use if irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children.


The product comes in a packaging like the one above

Back part of the package

Once you remove it from the package, you get the tin. 

Back part of the tin

Just wanted to show you a picture of the product from another view other than top & bottom

It's not screw type, its just a tin & a metal lid


I'm gonna be honest, I've never smelt raspberries before. But this smells like berries. 


It is a lip butter. If you were worried that it doesn't glide easily, well, worry not. It glides really really easy. It looks like a regular balm but it is in fact buttery and easy to obtain. Just be careful not to scoop out too much which was what I did the first time.

Size reference:

Truthfully, when I read blog posts about this product online, pictures can be so deceiving. It's not as big as it looks. For reference, I took a picture of this together with a regular sized lip balm. Can you see how small it actually is?

My Experience:

Well, in the texture section, I mentioned I scooped out too much right? Well, yea, that's what happened. I assumed it was balm like since it looked balm like. But little did I know that it was buttery, really buttery. Silly me. :P It glides really well on my lips. Really love the smell of it. But I didn't really like how it left a white film like cast on my lips. So, I use this only at night. I use my other lip balm in the mornings which I will blog about soon. Lips felt smooth the day after.


Smells heavenly (if you love fruity smell)
Large quantity which can last really long


Unhygienic (but I don't mind & all lip butters are like this actually)
Leaves white like film on lips
Not available in Malaysia ( but you guys can get it in iHerb)


It works well as a lip butter & leaves your lips feeling smooth & supple the very next day if you apply this at night before you sleep

Will I repurchase?:

Yes, definitely! I would love to try out the other scents as well.

Note: Once again, I would love to recommend iHerb to all of you who can't get this product locally. If you are a first time shopper at iHerb, do use the code KDB598 for USD10 off your first purchase. I can't stress enough that this code can only be used once & only during your first purchase, so use it well. 

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