Sunday, February 22, 2015

Haul: Amazon China (February 2)


Back again with yet another haul post. :)
Have you seen my 1st haul which was 2 days before this haul?
Read all about it here


Ordered: 13/2
Paid: 14/2 (upon delivery)
Received: 14/2

Once again, the parcels came at around 2pm.
Note, I used parcels instead of parcel, will get to that later.

What I ordered:

¥ 11.90
¥ 29.90
¥ 26.33
¥ 43.72
¥ 3.90
商品小计:¥ 115.75
配送费:¥ 4.16
配送费优惠:-¥ 4.16
总计:¥ 115.75
货到付款支付:¥ 115.75

¥ 36.04
商品小计:¥ 36.04
配送费:¥ 0.84
配送费优惠:-¥ 0.84
总计:¥ 36.04
货到付款支付:¥ 36.04
You see what they did? I placed one order but they separate it into 2 as above, Therefore, I got 2 parcels instead of one as well. 


Sorry that the quality of these pictures are so beyond lousy. My camera was nowhere near me at that moment & well, I was anxious to open up the parcels & try out that awesome hot chocolate. 

First parcel was smaller. It looks like this once opened:
Funny way of packaging. First time receiving this king of packaging instead of being bubble wrapped. Very secured though.

Inside the first parcel was this:

It comes in a packet of 2. Best smelling moth balls, Make clothes smell fresh & nice. Couldn't find this in the department stalls in my area. So, I was ecstatic to find this in Amazon.

The second parcel is way bigger since it contained all the other products. Looks like this once opened:

Same packaging. Actually, they both came in sturdy boxes. 

First this:
I couldn't find this anywhere. Seriously, was searching everywhere for this Lipton's green tea. Thank god they have it in Amazon.

This product is a dehumidifier which is under the same brand as the moth balls I mentioned & showed above. Scroll up to see it. :)

The main star of this order:
Hot chocolate is super hard to find in China, let alone imported hot chocolate. Tried this brand since I've never tried it before, Best decision ever! This hot chocolate tastes so so so good! Plus, it's quite cheap given the amount.

 Have I ever mentioned that milk in China is the same price, be it imported or local? So, why not go for imported milk? Got this brand to try out:
The wrapping was so secured. Plus, they sell it cheaper on Amazon than any other supermarkets. My suggestion is to buy milk from Amazon. If you drink ALOT, and I mean ALOT, then by all means go for the box of 12 or 10. 

Bought this to clean my bottle:
I needed this & again, I've been searching for this kind of brush in the supermarkets in my area to no avail. So, yup. :P

What I Like:

Sturdy box
Safe & secured packaging
Items are exactly what you see online
Expiry dates aren't near
Whole process was emailed
Able to track every single process
Cash On Delivery (my favourite!)


This time, none. 

Will I Shop There Again?:

Most definitely! 

note: do look forward to my next post on how to shop on Amazon China & choose COD.

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