Sunday, February 15, 2015

Haul: Amazon China (February)


Story of how I started shopping there:

I'm sure it's not a surprise that I love mangas. Ok, maybe not so much anymore compared to last time. But there's this one manga/manhwa/manhua which took so so so so long to be translated and updated. I heard they even dropped it? So, I really love the story and searched all over the net for the translation of the novel. I read that it was initially a novel which then got adapted into a manga. I just love the story so much that I started reading the translation of the novel. Got so totally hooked. And if you know me, I don't read any novels or whatnot online. I prefer the real book. So, for me to actually read something online, that means I really really love the story. I have to thank the translators for doing such a great job but I'm impatient and really want to know what happens next. So, I decided to buy the chinese version even though my chinese is seriously not up to par to actually read a novel. But i thought by doing so, I'll not only read it, I get to improve my chinese as well. So, why not? And if you know, I do not own an Alipay so Taobao is always out of the question considering most of the things there needed Alipay. I wanted Cash on Delivery. Then, my sis told me about Amazon. I was like, huh really? So, I browsed Amazon China. BEST DECISION EVER! I found the novel and they had Cash On Delivery option. :D

I immediately bought the novel. Now, I'm reading it at a very very very slow pace. I didn't know so many words. But glad that my chinese vocabulary has improve. 

Enough bout how I discovered it.


Ordered: 11/2
Paid: 12/2   ( paid upon arrival)
Received: 12/2

So, I ordered around 8pm, and received my parcel at around 2pm the following day. You can choose either a weekday or weekend. I'll do a post on how to order from Amazon China in another post. Stay tune for that! :)

What I ordered: 

风弄; 平装
由 亚马逊进行销售 
¥ 31.20 
订单总价:¥ 31.20
配送费:¥ 5.00
订单小计:¥ 36.20


The parcel came like this, a really thin plastic.

Once taken out from the plastic, you get the book! :D

Back part of the book!

What I like:

The whole process was relatively easy, nothing complicated despite my inability in browsing chinese sites
They send you emails regarding the status of the whole process
You can track the parcel right away
Delivery is so freaking FAST!
Cash on Delivery! ( I wish all sites in China offer this)


I do wish they at least tell us what time we'll get the parcel. at least say morning or afternoon.

Will I shop there again?

Most definitely! Actually, I placed another order a day after I received this. So, stay tune for that post! :P   I've blogged about it. You can check out my post on my second haul here.

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