Monday, February 9, 2015

Review: Cococare 100% Vitamin E Oil


Sorry for the lack of posts even though I did say I would blog more. This time I'm going to review this awesome vitamin E oil which I don't think anyone raved or talked about.

Product Info:

Brand: Cococare
Product: vitamin E oil
size: 30ml
price: $6.05
where to buy: iHerb

Pictures/Product Packaging:

Very practical packaging

Back part with additional info such as directions and brief introduction

Screw type cover


No fragrance whatsoever, plain old vitamin e oil scent which I find really good since they didn't add all those additional & unnecessary fragrances.


Typical vitamin e oil texture. Doesn't blend in so I would not recommend you to use it during daytime. Sticky & oily at the same time, not sure if I'm describing it right. It's oil of thick consistency.

Not sure if you get what I described so here's a lil picture to show you:

My Experience:

Definitely healed scars, I meant, lighten. :)  Used this on my acne scars & acnes as well. I didn't like the oily feeling though. So, I switched & used it on scars on my body instead. I also applied this on my lips at night. I really like the feeling. It's as if putting lip gloss on. Woke up with no chapped lips the day after. This is like a very good lip moisturiser.

Additional: My sis used this on her scars on her legs, and she's been raving this product.


Big size which lasts very long
Really does lighten scars


Could only get this brand online (Malaysia doesn't have this brand)
Oily feeling when used


I think it works well on scars which are not on the face, and it does an awesome job for cracked lips. So, yea, it does what it claims.

Will I repurchase?:

Yes, I would.

Note: Also, for all of you who are new to iHerb, do remember to use the code KDB598 for USD10 off your first purchase. Remember, codes can only be used once & only during your first purchase. So, use it well! :D

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