Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Food: Green Tea Restaurant Beijing (绿茶)


I'm back with yet another food post after so very long. Do pardon me since I'm not much of an outdoor person so I rarely ever go out. But since it's winter break now and my sis was free, she brought me out to this restaurant which I absolutely love! This is my second time there & I didn't take any pictures the first time, so I thought I'll definitely take some pics this time. 

Sorry I didn't take any pics of the surroundings and such, was too hungry by the time it got to our turn. Just so you know, waiting for your turn in Beijing can kill you. So a reminder, NEVER go out to eat when you are starving. Just a lil warning so you won't get any intestinal problems whatsoever.

We arrived at 6 and got our number. waited for 1 hours 30 minutes before it was our turn. We were shown to our seats which was so so so so so far from the entrance. Judging by the entrance, I could never have imagined the restaurant was that big, let alone fit that many tables & chairs. Boy was I wrong. It seemed like a never-ending tour as we were guided to out seats. 

Enough of my story. XP

Let's get into the food now shall we?

We ordered: 

A MUST HAVE! Cheese dumplings. Filled with meat. Absolutely no veggies. Can be found in the appetizer section. RMB15 if I'm not mistaken? 

Milk tea also known as 奶茶 which costs RMB12. I highly suggest you buy your own drinks next time. The cost is probably for the fancy way of serving it. 
Tip: Same price can get you 3 bottles of milk tea which I absolutely love. 

Potato dish which both my sis & I love. simple, yet delicious.

Cheese scallop. RMB6 for 1. Had to try this. They were generous with the cheese. It was good :D

Pork & stir fried veggies with wraps. This was a disappointment in the sense that the pork is very very little. It was only that sauce part....The black sauce you see at the bottom right corner? Yea, that. Other than the quantity of the pork, the stir fried veggies were ok, very oily though. So, wrap all that in the wrap provided and it's ok

Just to show you the quantity of the pork. And no, it's not filled with pork, Only a few strips.

Total came up to RMB70+
I don't really remember but yea.75/76. Around that price.

Name of restaurant: 绿茶
5 Shuguangxili Lu (northeast of Sanyuanqiao Bridge right outside Sanyuanqiao subway stop Exit B)
Chaoyang District
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