Friday, February 13, 2015

Review: y.e.t sweet punch moisture tint set


I've been using this almost every single day, so I thought I should do a review on this. 


Brand: y.e.t
Product name: sweet punch moisture tint set
Size: 10g * 3
Price: USD9.05


Glycerin, Aloe vera leaf liquid

Product Description:

  • When applied, it won't smudge & dry. Lips stay moisturised & smooth
  • Colours naturally & creates natural lip colour
  • Colour tone is adjustable according to number of application
  • Peach fragrance


Interesting packaging. y.e.t always have similar art on their products actually

Back part which is all in Hangul.

When you open the lid, this is what you get

Information on the lid. A lil info on how you should apply the tint.

3 tints placed nicely

The orange punch

The peach punch

The cherry punch

The applicator


Sorry for the blur picture. The applicator for the orange punch.

How it looks like on the skin

Peach punch applicator

How the peach punch looks like on skin

The cherry punch applicator

How the cherry punch looks like

The swatch above is what you can obtain if you rub off the tint. This is just to show you how it works as a blusher for your cheeks if you want.

Here's how the product is supposed to look like when applied on lips


They smell like their respected scents. Orange, peach & cherry.

My Experience:

I don't know why but when I apply the peach punch, it gives a stinging feeling. Only the peach punch, this does not apply to the orange & cherry punch. I love the orange punch the most in terms on how well it looks on my lips. Peach punch gives a sweet & very light pink. Cherry punch gives a darker pink, pink towards red side. 


More moisturising compared to other tints
Lovely scents
Great colour


Doesn't actually last long (I though tints were meant to last long)
Drying (apparently all tints are drying)


I actually really love how natural the colours look on my lips. 

Will I repurchase?:

Yes, I'll be looking forward to more promotions on Koreadepart. They have y.e.t sale pretty much every month. 

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