Monday, March 18, 2013

First Purchase from Wishtrend!



In this post, I won't talk about Wishtrend's website. Instead, I'm be blogging about my first purchase from them!

I'll talk about my experience with them and then I'll show you a step by step tutorial on how to purchase in my next post. Stay tune!

My Experience: 

Below is a summary of the whole payment, preparation & shipping process:

03/06/2013 19:32:55Shipped
03/05/2013 19:33:05Preparation in progress
03/05/2013 07:47:00Payment accepted
That is how fast they respond to you!

So, I did track the parcel & they shipped it on the 6th but the whole parcel being processed in Korea took quite some time. They finally ship it out using air carrier on the 11th.

So, today, which is 18th, I received the parcel!

Below is the side part of the box!

TADAA!!! The BOX!!!

Ok, it does look a little damaged. So, I'll show you another angle where the box looks just fine! It doesn't really matter though since Everything was packed really well inside.

This is my purchase! I will be reviewing them in another post!

Ciracle Red Spot Cream
Enca AC Drying Pinky Powder

The other 3 belongs to my friend! Therefore, I won't state the products since I won't be reviewing them.

Look at the very very secured bubble taped items!

They are very very generous in terms of freebies! SUPER GENEROUS, I must add.

Here are the freebies:

I was informed through email that they did include some freebies but I was really happy that the "some" turns out to be quite ALOT! Thank you so much, WISHTREND!


I really love this purchase and I am so very happy with their services and so on. They are one of the best online shopping sites where satisfaction is definitely guaranteed!

Do check out their website!

Look forward to my next post on their site & also how to purchase & reviews on the products!
That's 3 posts I hope you will look forward to reading! Make that 4 since there are 2 products.

Review on the enca ac drying pinky powder can be found here.
Review on  the ciracle red spot cream can be found here

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