Monday, March 11, 2013

Beijing: Babela's Kitchen


In this post, I'll be sharing about this cheap yet deliciously filling food that you can find in Beijing!

And that place is.......Babela's Kitchen!

I'm sorry I didn't take any pics of the place and all.

So, anyhow, let's continue shall we?

Below is how the brand name looks like:

Oh, and I didn't take a pic of the menu but there are just so many choices! And even if you can't read chinese, it's no problem at all since they have the name in english and picture of the food and drinks! Like seriously, every single food and drink has a picture for it! I absolutely love that kind of menu!

I ordered:

Onion rings, which are quite nice!  RMB10.

Chicken wings. OMG! They taste so GOOD!!!! I wished I ordered more but I was already full!

And this very special potted plant Tiramisu:

This Tiramisu taste SO DELICIOUS!!! Like seriously! It's so simple but it taste so good! The top part that looks like dirt is actually crushed OREO! 

Below is how the inside looks like:

Basically, it isn't exactly a tiramisu since it is like cheesecake with no hint of coffee or whatsoever. This potted dessert consists of a very thin layer of soft cake (super super soft!), a very very thick layer of cheesecake (pretty much 80% of the dessert) & lastly the oreo biscuit as the topping!

138 Wangfujing Ave. (at 5/F of APM), BeijingChina

p.s. I will be updating the price soon since I did jot down the price in my Ipad but it's out of battery right now.

Just so you know, the price is VERY VERY AFFORDABLE!

chicken wings, RMB18
oniom rings, rmb10
tiramisu, rmb15.
plus, i have a big family, consisting of 7 of us. We ordered 7 sets of food n 6 sets of drinks plus my tiramisu, all together cost around RMB270!

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