Saturday, March 9, 2013

Takeaway Special: KungFu Bake Rice KLCC


Was in KL for like a day. Went to KLCC right after I reached KL. Didn't want to order room service for dinner so I bought takeaway to be eaten as dinner in the hotel.

As you all probably know, the cheapest place to get food in a mall is the food court!

Suria KLCC Signatures Food Court which is located at level 2.

Didn't really scout around as this particular stall caught my attention already.

below is the receipt:

As you can see, if you eat there, it would only cost RM9.90 but since I takeaway, it came out to be RM10.40! Which in fact is pretty reasonable!

Here is the pic of how the takeaway looks like:

After taking off the cover:

I forgot to mention that you can choose from 3 sauces with combination of 2 sauces as well but I picked 1 only, which is the cream sauce.


Really tasty! It was so flavourful! Seriously, I didn't expect it to be this good! It doesn't show but beneath the chicken chop, is a layer of cheese! YUM!!!! The chicken was surprisingly flavourful too! You can eat the chicken by itself and it still has its own unique taste, which I quite enjoy. Very filling too! Best part? no vege!!! Hehehe. I hate corns & peas & carrots so I was really happy to find out that there was absolutely no vege in it! Just rice, sauce, chicken! Such a simple, yet tasty dish! 


There were a LOT more options but I don't really remember. I think there was Salmon as well? But since I love chicken, I just stick to this. 


Quite good. You order, pay, get your receipt with your number on it, sit down and wait, your number appears on the screen, you collect your food! It's that simple & fast!

So, that is all for now!

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