Saturday, April 6, 2013

Review: Ciracle Red Spot Cream


Review of the day is Ciracle Red Spot Cream!

Well, before I begin, I would like to tell my fellow countrymen, Malaysian a very good news. Before this, I had to buy this from Wishtrend which is a very awesome shopping site but the shipping has increased to USD9 which will add up to the product being expensive. So, now this is available in Zalora.com.my. Have you heard of that site? I will purchase from there once my cream finishes.

So, let's move on shall we?

Product info:

[Ciracle] Red Spot Cream (Red Spot Healing Cream)

Contains the natural plant extracts such as Centela, locust tree flower, etc. 
and speccialize in mark relaxation effet. Special healing cream for acne scars. 

+ Best selling item at Korean drugstore in 2012. 

Also contains ingredients able to sooth the skin and trouble scar, 
so this is good to use right after szueezing a pimple and acne scars.


Brand : Ciracle
For Trouble, Acne Skin
Volume: 30ml
Made in Korea

The above info is taken from wishtrend.com

Claims to: Speed up the healing process of inflamed, acne skin.
Where to purchase: Wishtrend.com   or    zalora.com.my
Price: USD16.99 on wishtrend  &   RM53 on zalora




Ok, I'm not sure my hand is a really good reference for size but this is to show you how a 30ml size bottle looks like.


As you can see in the pictures below, it looks white without flash but has a hint of green with flash. But in actual fact, it really does look exactly like the picture with flash.

without flash

with flash

Although I label this section as texture, I won't be showing pictures of it. Instead, I will describe the texture the best I can. It has a thick consistency. Probably equivalent to Nixoderm.


It smells medicinal. Hmm...How should I describe this? Just smells really herbal-ish .

My Experience:

I apply this every night after toning ( ok, i might have skipped a couple of days or so ) together with the ENCA AC drying pinky powder. I sort of applied this on scars and pimples. This cream does help in lessening the redness of scars and pimples. 

Can I update this section after finishing this bottle?

Will update you on the effects of this cream on scars after finishing this bottle ok?

UPDATE on 1st June 2013:
Though I have not finish using the cream but I've been using this for a fairly long time to be able to do a proper review.

So, this cream does really sooth irritated skin and calms them down. Also, when you apply this cream, your redness would be reduced at that very moment. But that's about all. It does not do anything to acne scars. So, if you plan to buy this to get rid of your scars, my advice? Don't! But then again, this is my review so feel free to try if you want.

Just my experience but I think this cream does help in calming painful or itchy pimples.

Will I repurchase?

Like I said earlier, I will update this section after finishing this bottle first. Most likely yes but it really depends.
UPDATE on 1st June 2013:
No. I would not purchase. In the beginning, I had this vision that this cream would work based on the product info. I used this to convince myself that the cream really does work. To prevent more mind tricks, I took pictures everyday as proof of the effectiveness. Everyday I would look in the mirror to see that my skin was getting better only to be told off by my parents that my skin was getting worst! I looked through all the picture evidence, and my parents were right. No improvement at all. :(

So, NO! I would not repurchase this. It really does reduce redness but only at the time you apply the cream. Once washed off in the morning, the redness would still be there. 

The only thing it does is soothe the itchy/painful pimple. That's all.

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