Monday, April 15, 2013

Review: SKINMISO Pore beauty nose pack


Product review of the day is SKINMISO Pore beauty nose pack!

Product Info:


Volume :
1Step Mask 10 sheet /
2Step Mask 10 sheet /  
Pore minimizing Essence 15ml 
Made in Korea

Price: RM68 or RM94 including a comedo remover (20% off)
Where to buy: HiShop I did a post on this here
Shipping: Free

Below are some info I took directly from HiShop which I won't explain much since the info is already very clear.

My Experience:

Let me just inform you beforehand that I don't really have blackheads so I couldn't do a review on this at first. So, I used my sis as a model for this review. So, technically, it isn't my experience. :P

I got the sample from the HiShop Ambassador Programme which you can read it here.

In the sample packaging, they included a step 1 pack, a step 2 pack and a cotton swab, such as below:

Results are definitely better if you use a Comedo remover which i don't have. But the recent promo includes a comedo remover.

In case you were wondering how a comedo remover looks like, it looks like this:

Pretty neat huh?

Ok, now on to the process!

First, a nose filled with blackheads. Sorry for the blur pic! But in actual fact, her nose was really filled with blackheads although this pic does not justify it.

Left side of the nose with blackheads!

Right side of the nose with plenty of blackheads!

Now, place the step 1 mask on the nose.

Wait for 10 minutes then remove the mask.

This is what can be seen:

Notice the blackheads turned white and popped out?

The same can be seen on the right side of the nose.

See those white stuff popping out?

After that, scrape off the white stuff with a comedo remover but in my case, I used the cotton swab provided for my sis.

Then, rinse off with water.

Next, place the step 2 mask, which I didn't take a pic of since it looks exactly like the step 1 mask.

Place it for 10 minutes.

After you remove the step 2 mask, this can be seen:

Notice her clearer nose?

Also the front part.

And of course the left side of her nose.


I would definitely recommend this! This certainly is the best blackhead remover as it claimed to be. I was very surprised with the outcome. The effects are so noticeable!

And the process itself was kinda fun. (I'm weird like that :P)

Would i purchase?

Yes, for my sis. But, not me. This is really effective!
Get it now if you want since they are having a promotion where you can get this plus the comedo remover for just RM94! That is 20% off the original price!

Get it here.

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So, that is all for now!

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