Thursday, April 18, 2013

Review: ENCA AC drying pinky powder


Product review of the day is the enca ac drying pinky powder!

Product Info:

Brand : Rojukiss
Trouble skin Type
Volume: 15ml
Made in Korea
Where to buy: WISHTREND
AC Drying Pinky Powder will return your smile
by soothing the most tenacious skin troubles and nourish
and maintain your skin to its mildest and softest form.


Below is how the product looks like when you take it out from the box:


You do not want the pink powder to mix with the solution!

It's best when the powder settles down completely! 

Below is how the product looks like after the pink powder has settled down completely:


The powder is very very saturated once it has settled down completely. 


The solution smells like alcohol, the antiseptic kind of alcohol. Once applied on the face, the smell isn't noticeable anymore. 


If for some reason, you scratched your pimple and it bleeds in the morning or afternoon, take a cotton swab and dab it in the solution ( not the pink powder) and apply it on your pimple wound. Your wound would recover & the pain would subdued. No mark will be seen the next day!

My Experience:

Sorry that I will not show any pic of before and after but I must say that this product really does work! (Sorry for always not being able to show you any awesome pictures and all since I'm actually only using my phone as a camera for all pics in my blog.) After cleansing & toning & applying the red spot cream, I would then apply this pinky powder to my pimples. When applied, there will be a slight pain as the solution will be disinfecting the bacterias on the pimples. The very next day, my pimples would go from the big ones to small if not flat. This product can only be used at night as the pink is very very clearly seen, so, yea. 


I really love this product! Wasn't really expecting much since I've never heard of this brand like EVER! But I gave it a shot and was very very impressed with it. It really does what it claims & to me, this is like the best solution for pimples & breakouts and such. I've used tons of products for acne since I have acne prone skin and this is by far the most effective!

Will I repurchase?

Yes! Definitely! For only USD10.99, I think this is a steal considering its effectiveness!

So, that is all for now! 

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