Friday, May 3, 2013

YouTube Favs

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I'm pretty sure you've watched YouTube, let it be everyday or maybe only once. But yeah. Everyone in this generation has probably heard of YouTube.

So, today, I will be sharing my favourite YouTube channels!

The list below is not by most favourite or by least favourite or whatsover. It's really just random.

1. Hover's Jelly
I just recently subscribed to her actually but I quite like her videos since she's really really honest in reviewing the products and all. You will want to think twice about buying a certain product after watching her video!

2. WishtrendTv
I've been watching this from the very first video till now! I'm not sure why but I really like videos by Tia but of course I loved Liah's videos too. Wishtrend Tv really knows how to do videos. Tips given are very useful and well, you pretty much gain alot by just watching!

3. ibuybeauti
This channel translates get it beauty and also Son Dam Bi's Beautiful Days. You can't get translated videos anywhere else. And I must say, very very entertaining and fun to watch these videos.

4. Sundahye
Da Hye is a Korean girl that lives in Bali. If you stay in countries where the climate is somewhat similar to Bali, then you should definitely watch her channel! Why? Because most tips given by people from other countries won't work for you if the climate and such are different. Products would also vary and such. Her videos are nice!

5. Jess
I watch Jess' videos because I have acne. If you have acne as well, her channel is super recommended! She gives tips, info and so much about acne and such! Plus, she's hilarious! 

So, these are all really wonderful people who do very very good videos! Plus, they are on this list because the upload videos very very frequently! So, you won't get bored of waiting for videos and such!

Do check them out ok?

That's it for now!

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