Saturday, May 25, 2013

Review: klairs' Gentle Moist Aloe Gel


First, I would like to say that I won this from a giveaway by Utotia & Wishtrend and my review is 100% honest, like all my other reviews. 

Product Info:

Brand: klairs
Size: 100ml
Price: USD10.99
Where to buy: Wishtrend
Skin types: All or trouble skin type

Aditional Info: (taken from Wishtrend)

 Product Specifications

1. Sebum control & dead skin cell removal
The BHA remove dead skin cells and penetrate into pores to clean out unnecessary sebum to make smooth skin

2. Lemon extracts for smoother skin!
The lemon extracts control sebum secretion and provide whitening effects, while removing dead skin cells

3. The first step to healthy skin
Asiatic pennywort helps skin regenerate

4. Licorice & Houttuynia extract
These extracts help with troubled skin and skin calming

Step 1.
Set a good amount on palms

Step 2.
Apply on necessary area and absorb it. Then, wash your face afer 15 min.

* Use 1-2 times weekly

Removes dead skin cells

 Lemon Extract
Controls sebum secretion, contracts pores, moisturizing, whitening, trouble alleviation effects and dead skin cell removal

 Papaya Extract
The papain remove sebum, toxins and makeup

 Kava extract
Controls sebum secretion, skin calming & anti-inflammatory functions

 Asiatic Pennywort extract
Hinders activation of collagenase which accelerates collagen synthesis and cell reproduction to enhance overall skin regeneration

 Licorice Extract
Provides detoxing, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, skin calming, and whitening effects

 Houttuynia extract
Sterilizes with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory effects and also helps with troubles for sensitive skin.


It doesn't come in a box. Just by itself. Sealed in plastic.

Notice the plastic seal?

The design is rather cute to me actually. It's simple yet cute!

Front view

As usual, the back part of most Korean products will not have English description.

Back view

This is how the cap looks like

Remember to open up the cap and tear this seal before using.

Size of product in my hand


It feels like any other normal aloe vera gels. Transparent, no colour. 

note: will update on picture of the gel soon!

Below is how the gel looks like:
Notice that it really is just like any other aloe gels? Transparent & colourless!

Below is a picture of how the gel looks like once spread out: 
Let it remain as pictured above for about 15 minutes. It will then dry & that's when you should wash it off.


Smells like aloe vera. 


My first thought when I saw this was that it was just an ordinary Aloe vera gel. You know, the type people used as moisturiser? Until I read the info on how to use, this gel, you actually have to wash it off. And you are supposed to use it only 1-2 times a week unlike other aloe vera gel which well, supposed to use everyday if you are using it as a moisturiser. 

First usage:- I applied this gel on my face and left it for 15 minutes. After that, I washed it off. Felt a very refreshing feeling after washing it off. I think it really does calm down troubled skin. My pimples on my cheeks were acting up again since I'm having my period now. The pimples were kinda itchy. After using this, I didn't feel the itch anymore. 


Definitely is for people with troubled skin! If you have pimples or your face feels itchy or red, use this. It helps!

Will I purchase? :

Maybe. I'm not too sure, this is pretty good and price is reasonable. But since it's not locally available here in Penang, this is the main reason why I said maybe. For those staying in Kuala Lumpur, you can always purchase klairs' products in Maxbeauty, Although I'm not too sure whether they have this. 

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